Thursday, December 14, 2006

Here are the latest donations for Addi's Cure. Thank you.

Larry and Tammy Pike
Made In Russia (Dennis Easter)
Jerry and Jackie Shoaf
Trey McIntyre
Brian Williams
J.S. Wallin (Wally)
David Williams
Jon and Donnelle Graham
Myles Standish
Angie Roark
Kelley Greene
George Dixon
Catherine Prosser
Bethaney Weber
Jason Tillery
Mark Wiles
Judy Munson
Karen McFarland
Robert Kanoy
Ricky Harrell
Matthew McBee
Donna Weaver
Kemal Atkins
James Sutton
Nataliya Evert
John Causey
Beth Worsley
Scarlett Liles
David English
Susan McCracken

New total: $63,926.56 I am hoping to get to $70,000.00 by the end of the year. This is unbelieveable.... Please go to to see a new picture that is WAY better.


1 comment:

Lena said...

What a great donation from all those at UNC. If Brian does ever shed a tear, I want to see it!!! I'm not sure if I should say that is great or that you are crazy for playing 3 rounds of golf with a partially collapsed lung. Next time things are not feeling so normal, you BETTER tell someone (like Christi)!

Kansas family -- take care of them all while they are visiting you for the holidays.

Hurry back - I miss my Addi girl (as Peyton calls her)!

love you all,
Lena & the rest of the Graham's