Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hope all is well today. I was really busy yesterday, and Christi picked up the slack. I am back into the swing of things here at FIG. I had a great time this weekend with my little girl and wife. We spent a lot of time just hanging out.

I am very excited about the warm weather coming, leaving, and now back again. Addi loves to go outside, and last night Christi went to a meeting for Addi's Cure, and me and the pumpkin went to the park and played. Addi loves to swing and go down slides. We had a lot of fun.

I feel like I always leave people out that give to Addi's Cure, so here is the list for 2007:

Old Mutual
Shawn Lee (in behalf of Bill and Jo Cain)
David Nyberg
Donald Urban
Katie Williams
David Weidinger
Jason Klingel
David Vornwald
Stephanie Temple
Jay Robinson
Steve and Tara Neperud
Debra Parks
Jim and Dottie Anderson
Ann Arbor Annuity Exchange
James Lober
Bob and Rebecca Axelrod
Samantha Schleder
Mary & Doug Delaney
TJ & Verna Whalen
Lucian & Jo-Ann Guthrie
Terry Morgan
James & Molly Einstein
Jim and Lib Johnson
Adam Gates, M.D. & Blake Campbell Ravin
Laurie and Timothy Arant
Wayne and Jennifer Ceely
Amerus Annuity Group (Aviva)
Mark and Lisa Heitz
Kestler Financial Group
Juan Butler
Kathryn Brenny
Terri Mayhew
Yvonne Bess
Brian Peterson
Sabrina Smith
Mike Rodgers
Ruth Hahn
Kevin Sullivan
Jim Surrane
Philip & Rachel Goodgame
Elizabeth Wilhelm
Krystal Miller
Devon Millard
Eric & Carolyn Thomes
Mary Ann Bryan
Bruce & Janet Mullan
Kevin & Carolyn Atkins
Isaiah and Nikki Smith
Mike & Caroline Mullan
Charles & Julie Scheper
Bentz & Associates, P.A.
Jerry & Jackie Shoaf
Mitch Barnett
Jeremy Webb
Elizabeth Brooks

I also wanted to say that this list is not up to date. I know that Cody and his wife gave recently as did my MSM Class. Addi's Cure website is usually more up to date than I am, so check there often. Thanks!

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