Monday, August 06, 2007

I just wanted to send a little request out. Bo and I are a little anxious this month about scans, no reason in particular, other than we are trying to figure out how to live with cancer. So when you are praying tonight, will you send a little extra to help calm our nerves. Bo's got high blood pressure anyway because of some medicines, so we need a little Zin from everyone.
Thanks and we will post as soon as possible the scan results.
Christi and Addi


Anonymous said...

You all are always in my prayers! I will pray especially hard for you tonight! Take care and I will be anxiously awaiting to hear from you tomorrow. Hang in there Bo!!
Love ya lots! Mom in Kansas

Gabi's Mommy said...

There is nothing Jason or I can say to take away the anxiety, other than we will continue to keep you guys in our prayers. Bo, you and our little angel, Gabi have more prayers coming your way than any 2 people I have ever heard of. God will continue to give you strength, just keep believing that even on the toughest days!
Micah, Jason, Gracie, and Gabi

Anonymous said...

ALWAYS praying like crazy for you from here in Omaha! We can only imagine the anxiety with each and every poke prod and scan. Know that we all are behind you, surrounding you with love and prayers.

Larry and Tammy

Kathy Miller said...

Take heart, you have people all over the country praying. I met Bo last year-he made an impression then. I have continued to follow your blog. I truly believe in miracles and the power of prayer and the one word BELIEVE

Kathy- NJ

corina said...

I always include your family in my prayers, not just tonight but every night.

Amee Stewart said...

I know the feeling....I'm going through this with my mom....stage IIIB adenocarcinoma (non-smoker, dastardly type). She is a year and half post diagnosis and 1 yr. post chemo (Carbo-Taxol). Dr. Crawford at Duke is also her physician. Her last CT was July 30 and the cancer is evidence of progressive disease...Yeah! But I have to take her back next wk for an MRI of the spine/head. She has some pain and numbness on the side of her head they are concerned about.

We both pray for you, Bo and Addie. My mom is 71, so I can only imagine what you are going through, Bo being so young. I guess our goal is to keep them alive long enough for a cure. Every additional day we have is precious and for that we are greatful.

Please know we are thinking of you always...we'll say an extra little prayer for all tonight.

Amee and Betty

Anonymous said...

Done. Get some rest Bo.
Jay R

Anonymous said...

Bo, We all have Guardian Angles to protect us and comfort us in times of great need. May yours be at your side tomorrow...Good Luck.

Theresa and Kevin said...

You are in our prayers everyday, but we will make sure that we add a little extra this week. We miss you!!! Love, Theresa, Kevin, Drew and Audrey!

Anonymous said...

Johnson Family,
We have continued to pray for you and continue to pray for good news and a Zin-like peace around the house~I know almost impossible with an active little girl....
Glidewell Family