Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Here is a little something that if you have time would be wonderful for Addi's Cure. Thank you so much Miss Candy, you will always have a special place in our hearts, especially Addi's!
Miss Candy is a local, fabulous, photographer that would like to honor her father with her "dream job" If you have a moment please follow the link to vote for her. If she wins she is donating the winnings of $50,000 to Addi's Cure. Below is her Posting...

Make it count
My dream assignment is celebrate my father's life. Make every day, every action count. Love, work, give, relax as though your life depends on it.
Because it does.
Today is my father's 57th birthday, but he is not here to celebrate it.
In October, he lost his five year battle with lung cancer. In the spirit of his giving nature, my dream assignment is to donate the assignment funds to Addi's Cure and then document the effects. Addi's Cure donates directly to research at Duke Medical Hospital, specifically for lung cancer, and since I am close, I would so enjoy seeing the difference, the real difference, the research is making in people's lives. My father underwent several clinical trials during his treatment. When I asked him about it, he said that someone did it for him and he got to be around longer because of it, so he wanted to do the same for someone else. I know I wouldn't see the immediate effects of the donation, but I could document the cumulative effects of donations and research to date. That all sounds so clinical, but it wouldn't when I could capture a family after good news or a patient who walks in, on his or her own feet, for a checkup years after a lung transplant or doctors who know what they're doing is changing lives. Lung cancer is comparatively underfunded and has a societal bias of patients bringing the disease on themselves.
Addi's Cure works to change both, and I, like my my father, would like to help.

Love to All
Christi, Bo and Addi


Anonymous said...

Happy Thursday Bo, Christi and Addi!
What a great way to honor a loved one! I work at Allianz and wanted to let you know that I posted this blog on our internal ad page in hopes to get 100's of people to vote!

Jerrold said...

Tell Candy her the trials her father underwent were not done in vain, they helped use that folled him, there is a bond amongst LC patients that if we can we have to pay it forward so the next person diagnosed w/ LC will have a better course of treatment than those that came before him/her it is the only progress can be made