Monday, June 15, 2009

Hello to All - Another weekend come and gone. We finally stressed Bo's discomfort and the doctors are trying to work with his meds to help the pain. I do have to say after talking with some gout sufferers, this isn't for the faint heart and Bo managed with the best of them. Now let's just pray this isn't something reoccurring. We have spent the last weekend at one pool or another. I really need to borrow Bo's camera and take some pictures, or I could down load the old ones I have on mine, but our little girl is slowly, but surely becoming a water bug. She is swimming right and left. A little scary that she is becoming so fearless, but her overprotective mother is right there with one eye always on her.
Nothing to new to report here busy wise or health wise. I think we are back to appreciating stable.
Love to All
Christi, Bo and Addi
I do want to send a special prayer request out to an outstanding family in Lawrence. Dr. Frederick, an icon in Lawrence, passed away this past week after having a bicycle accident. He was a man with great integrity, humor and generosity. (He helped me many times at KU, even getting my first "job" there) He will be greatly missed. Please pray for his family. Losing someone so unexpectedly is terrible. I cannot image that emotions that they are trying to process. I feel like the rest of us are sad, but are blessed because Dr. Frederick shines through each of his sons. Each one of them are the walking examples of what he was about, how he treated everyone, and how we should lead our lives. If you had the pleasure of knowing him or know anyone in his family, you are truly a blessed person. Our town is forever changed.

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