Friday, March 05, 2010

Hello to All - I can hardly believe yesterday had been 3 months without Bo. Oh how are hearts miss him. Even the stuff that drove us crazy. Lately there seems to be more reminders of him everywhere. Our Addi's Cure event, I went to get my life insurance license, and Addi has been missing him a little more lately. She is sweet, I just hope that I do not screw her up too much. Thanks girls for helping me get through my Friday night and 3 months without Bo.
With that being said, Addi and I (with Pam) had an adventure today watching our friend Kay ride her horse in an North Carolina Rodeo. I believe the proper term is "Roping". She was amazing and all her friends were so sweet to Addi. Addi definately has some of her Papa Cow in her, she loves animals. All she wanted to do was get in the saddle and go faster. She was sad that she wasn't competing...god help me I might need someone to buy her a horse! She loved everything about it, from getting dirty in the dirt, to riding, eating nachos and chasing cowboys to tickle them (that will stop at age 6, don't you worry) Thank you again Kay for inviting us, we had a great time.
Off to bed
Love to All
Christi and Addi


Cate Rubenstein said...

Tickling cowboys... I love it.
Christi, these last several posts are wonderful... Addi(son) is hilarious and so beautiful and full of life. I'm sure she's a huge comfort to you...
thinking of you two, still, and sending lots of love from California.

Anonymous said...

Time to go horse shopping!

Christi, one day at a time....
My Love,

Katie Strahan said...

You're a wonderful mommy Christi and you are doing a great job. Hang in there and take life one day at a time. At least Addi is only into tickling. My 3 year old nephew is into hugging and kissing the ladies!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for coming! I think I had as much fun with Addi as she did with me! She was definitely fearless and continued to beg me to go faster!! :) I will have her roping in no time!!!

Love ya!


Anonymous said...
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