Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Hello to All - I wonder if the 5th will ever come and go and not take my breath away. With that being said, still missing you babe...everyday a little more. Funny how it is so much like loving someone, a little more everyday.
Easter was quiet. Surprisingly a hard holiday. Hard to Explain, joyous to All, but Hard. Saturday we had brunch with Grams and Papa and hunted for eggs at the Yacht Club. Addi snuck her way into some friends family photos, poor Grace was drug all over the place "posing" with Addi. Then Sunday we woke up to a bunny filled basket, church, Dunkin Donuts (Iced Carmel Latte for me!) and then Easter Egg hunting...which is by far Addi's third favorite thing to do aside from Christmas and her Birthday. We re-hid them over and over again. Thank you to the Beasley's for helping us take some pictures!
Addi and I took the day and night on by storm on the 5th. We are on spring break this week and I have some amazing friends helping me take care of Addi, while I work on getting up to speed a work. (My incredible co-worker Elizabeth is expecting May 11th...so the office I will come. I can't wait to hold her little girl)
Did I mention that we are in a heat wave of 90 degrees (I am not complaining), but in a dusting of pollen. And for those of you in the Midwest, I am not kidding when I say a dusting...it is like a light snow, almost gritty in your teeth. Ugh, but I guess things could always be worse, right.
Addi/Tonya is keeping me forever entertained. Last night to the amusement of my neighbors, Addi has been working on riding her bike and well that leaves me chasing her down the road. She is getting better and better, loves to go fast and laughs her head off when I have to run to catch up. I foresee a new workout routine for us...I will post a video soon of her and her riding escapades. I am greatly looking forward to the "big" crash that will eventually occur, God help us all.
Love to All
Christi and Addi
PS - Tonya would like the world to know that she is from China and they do not have Rack Rooms Shoe stores there...one store with just shoes...amazing (Where she comes up with these things, I will never know)
PSS - Congrats to Brett and Lindsey...they are expecting and the due date is October 13...Addi's B-day, but Lindsey is hoping for 10.10.10...pretty cool (easy for Bret to remember!) He is a LSU fan and needs all the help he can get! Haha


Anonymous said...

Really happy that you guys had a nice Easter! Addi will probably open a Rack Room Shoes in China- I think we can figure out where she gets the marketing ideas from...
My Love,

Brett said...

Waiting for more videos of Tonya! And hey now, watch the LSU jokes...I would think Kansas fans need the short term memory right now "Rock Choke Jayhawk"! :)

Can't wait to see you ladies soon, we're going to have fun at Aunt Merritt's wedding!

Anonymous said...

I thought of Bo too the night of the game too.

Thinking of you and Addi,
Jenn in CA