Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hello to All and Happy Father's Day - Thank you to everyone that reached out to Addi and I during this holiday and as we miss Bo all the time, I am grateful for the men in my life that help to fill the void. I do have to say all these men come in different shape, size, forms and relationships and (most of the time) I thank God for them. Addi and have tried to take the attitude that we are grateful for the time and stories that we have of her Daddy. We cherish the moments with him. So this year we visited Grandfather Mountain, "Daddy's Special Spot." Unfortunately the weather was not working with us and it rained most of the time, so no hiking. What is about the same as hiking, shopping! Anyone that truly knew Bo, knows this is what he would have done for her as well. I did find Addi at one point praying in the back seat for the rain to stop, but I guess we needed that more than to go outside. We did get to eat a wonderful lunch in Boone with Grams, Papa, Aunt Tracia and Aunt Caroline, Daniel Boone Inn. Her Daddy would have been proud. Then I drove her around and tried to remember all the "glory day" stories from Appalachian. We even drove past the "Blue House." If anyone "can" share those stories Addi would love to hear them. She wants to know all about the "parties" you all had. "Mommy were they for birthday and graduations." I will let all you Sigma Nus tell her about them...I wasn't there so I don't know. All and all we had a good day.
Love to All
Christi and Addi


Anonymous said...

We need more updates on how you guys are!!

Theresa Meyer said...


Thank you so much for continuing to share with all of us. What a great story about your visit to Grandfather Mountain!

Theresa :)