Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Sweet, Smart and Beautiful Addison! There is not one thing I would change about the last 6 years or one thing that I would change about her. She is everything I wished for and so much more.
Just to catch up on the last month. We have been SO busy with school and activities. I try to find a way where I can pick her up and take her to most things (my contribution to being a good Mom) but needless to say this runs me all over the place. It might surprise you all that she is busy, some things you definitely get from nature in the nature vs nurture debate. She is all Bo is some ways and then other ways, the more subtle times I like to think like me. I had a conference with her teacher at school the other day and she said Addi talks about Bo all the time. She has created and remembered some of the best memories. Never sad, more of a proud, this is my Daddy type of thing. But also just as important they said she has the biggest heart. If there is one thing her Daddy had, it was the biggest heart. I couldn't be more proud. (I do hope she gets more my love for school - the learning aspect, but if she stays kind, I will be happy with that also)
Then on to October 11th...nothing like a night out to dinner with friends and your daughter decides it is time to pull her first tooth! That's right, she said it was ready and so was she and just yanked it! BY HERSELF, AT THE TABLE! We took most of it in stride cleaned up with little mess we made and went about eating our chicken fingers. Being the thinker that she is she saved her tooth for one night that way the morning the tooth fairy comes is her birthday....good one.
So we celebrated her Birthday, it is hard to believe she is 6, then again she talks like she is 6, she looks like 6 and thinks like I guess she is 6.
I will post pictures soon!
Love to All
Christi and Addi

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