Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I just wanted to post quickly, for it is early, that everything with the doctor went well yesterday. Everything is still stable and the Tarceva is working! I am still coughing a little, but they truly believe that the cough in my chest is from a cold with this winter weather. Christi thinks I need to wear a coat more often, which I probably do. We met with Bridget from the department that raises funds for Duke, and they have published us in their quarterly letter. I will see if Christi can find the link to it to post on the website. They also have asked me to speak at a conference in May about my story and Addi's Cure. I will present to some very important and influential people with Dr. Crawford.
On a sadder note Christi, Brian, Jennifer, Kristen and I went to the UNC Game against Virginia Tech last night, and UNC lost in overtime. Thanks to a great man, Scott, who got us tickets in the box seats. The game was fun, but the outcome was not. I still think they have a good chance of winning it all this year.
Also Happy Valentine's Day to my two girls. I love you both!


Anonymous said...

Bo, Read this months editon of Readers Digest. There have been some tremendous recent advances in medical break-throughs and new cancer treatments are at the top of the list. Chillin @ 2 degrees below O in Kansas

Anonymous said...

Great news, Bo! The Bochner prayer warriors still pray EVERY DAY in Dsm, IA! I will let the boys know the good news! Praise God for the blessing of Tarceva and the power of prayer!