Friday, February 09, 2007

Just a quick update on Addi's Cure donations:

Jim Lober
Jim Anderson
Ann Arbor
Steve Neperud
Sissy Parks
Bob Axelrod

I will have a total soon, but we are doing really well for the start of 2007. Thanks to everyone!

I just came back from Flordia and the Allianz Championship. This is a senior tour event. I played golf twice, once at Boca Beach Club, and once in the pro am at Broken Sound Golf Club. It was a lot of fun. Phil went with me as well. I played in the pro am with Craig Stadler, and he was really nice. We had a blast. We did come in the top 10, but we did not win. I am glad to get back and see Addi and Christi.

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Anonymous said...

The above link is to an article I just saw on AOL's main page. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my country, but there is something seriously wrong with a system that condems a patient to death because he doesn't have enough cash in the bank to cover medical care. This man has lung cancer and has no health insurance. As an ex marine, he gets veterans benefits, but their treatment protocols are out of date and slow...the hospitals he would like to go to require a DOWNPAYMENT and proof of RESERVES totalling $400,000 to even provide treatment!!! It's wrong wrong wrong. I'm an insurance professional, I make my living off of premiums and so does my husband. I've never been really in favor of socialized medicine but there has to be a way to help people like this...what if this were YOU? What if this were someone in your family who didn't have the blessing of a company who provided health insurance? What about all those independents in our own business who can't afford health insurance premiums??? WOW!

And this poor guy, can't even get luck with luck...wins the lottery and can't collect in enough up front to afford his treatments. Maybe someone will offer him a reverse annuity product and give him the principle now ...wait, I don't think lottery proceeds are assignable...are they? Poor poor guy!

sorry, on a rant, but it's just so SAD!!