Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hello everyone, sorry for the slow post but things are getting busy here with our little girl turning 2 on Saturday. She is going to have a birthday party at Lazy 5 Ranch. There everyone gets to ride a wagon through this animal farm and feed them from the wagon. Do not worry I am sure there will be tons of pictures posted.
Bo also took his first plane trip, we all sure did hold our breath, but everything turned out fine. I think he was excited to get that little bit of independence back since the collapsed lung. Looks like the procedure worked. I know this is early to ask, but please pray for Bo's scans on the 30th. We are extremely anxious about these scans, since we haven't had any since the hospital stay. We are really nervous that the uncomfortable feeling Bo is having is the procedure and not the cancer. So a few extra prayers for good results and something to calm our nerves. (3 weeks is a long time from now)
We will post pictures soon of Addi turning 2. It truly is hard to believe she is two.
Love Christi and Addi
PS A special shout out to our new friend Preston Jon Graham who arrive Monday at 5:37, 8 lbs an 20 1/4 inches long. I can't wait to take Addi over to meet him!

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic! I am sure Bo was anxious about his flight. I am so glad to hear all went well. I have been watching for a post each day.
We will keep you all in our prayers with extra prayers for the upcoming scan.
Keep the faith!! Have a great party. See ya soon!
Always with love & prayers,
Mom in Kansas