Monday, February 11, 2008

Hello everyone and huge apology from me about the Addi' website, we have been trying to update with the upcoming event, but to no avail right now. See here is the party information and a copy of the flyer. Please note that tickets must be purchased ahead of time so we can have a number count. We have about 100 tickets left so please, please let anyone know about the event and plan on coming. We have some great items being donated we have some incredible LIVE entertainment - JT Parrothead will be performing (some of you know him from the Raleigh area and the Margaritaville parties)

I cannot wait to see everyone there.

Christi and Addi


Anonymous said...

how is Bo?

decembersroses said...

Hey Bo and Christi...

Still reading your updates, and glad you haven't been to see us lately!!!

I doubt they'll let you be on 9300 for your workup (crazy pulmonologists) ;), but Bo you'd better bring those girls of yours up to visit!

Sara and the 9300 crew

PS - Joy had to switch jobs around, but she wanted to send a big HI your way!