Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hello everyone. I wanted to really keep you up to date on my progress in pulmonary rehab. I have really like my progress, and I got a report today to give to my doctors to update them.

Here goes: After attending 29 sessions, I have increased my 6 minute walk 76%, pressing 36 lbs more with my arms, 45 lbs more with my legs, my dyspnea with ADL score improved 45%, gained 18 lbs and 4% body fat. I did not go to any of the lectures (see college history :) ) but I only missed one question on my entry and follow up pulmonary education tests.

I have to say that my team at Presbyterian Pulmonary has really helped me. Brenda, Dave, Beverly, and Keyara have been on top of me to do the best I can. Each has helped in their own way, but Keyara is the person that follows me around and yells at me. I call her Coach K (because she makes me work too hard and is mean :) ) and she has taken a real interest in my progress.

So today is Keyara day on the blog. I dedicate this day to her.


Anonymous said...

Hi: God Bless- keep up the battle- I was first diagnosed with colon cancer and have since fought off Squamous, Basil and in 2003 Melonoma. Still going strong- active in the ACS Relay for Life here in Kingston NY- found your blog on a financial board. I've been in this field for the past 40+ years- so stay strong- and keep battling-
take care

Anonymous said...

Awesome dude!!! Glad to see you upbeat. Eyes on the prize.

Anonymous said...

That's so aweseme Bo!!! Keep it up!

much love,