Monday, April 28, 2008

I wanted to say sorry for the delay in getting up the news from my last visit. Christi was sick, Addi was sick, and I just got behind!!!!

I did got to Duke last week and my levels are down. Friday I was activated so I am on the list. Basically it is time to just wait for the call. I am nervous, but know this is the best chance for me to be around the longest possible time. It is scary to think I will be sliced and diced as they say....

Christi and Addi are feeling better today. Both were sick and not feeling well over the weekend. Christi and I watched Barbie moves with Addi a lot!!!!!

My weekend was good. I did play golf on Sunday and did ok. It was a lot of fun.


Anonymous said...

Hey buddy-
That is awesome news! Now we just pray that you will receive this transplant quickly.

Anonymous said...

Great news. Thanks for sharing. That call is going to happen soon. You may be sliced and diced, but you will survive and thrive!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Bo!!!!
We well just add one more prayer to our list that you receive the lungs to transplant soon.

Scott and Katie said...

Bo and Beastie,
Congrats on getting added to the list! Not to sugar coat it or anything but when Katie worked as a physical therapy tech at Chapel Hill hospital, she saw a bunch of lung transplant patients. They were awesome! True, they had just had major surgery - chest opened up, chest drains, etc., they were up and walking around and were totally inspirational! You will be just like that! You're going to do great!!
Scott and Katie

Anonymous said...

Great news!!
Jenn and Alex