Monday, October 13, 2008

Good Evening Everyone - Today has been a crazy day. It is hard to believe that our Princess is 3 today. She has been so excited all day telling everyone, "Now I am 3." She was almost the last of her friends, so I do not think she ever thought it was going to happen. She was so funny because the night before we celebrated with Bo's family. We had a cake and she got to blow out the candles, right after she blew them out she goes, Now I am 3. Smart to think that the blowing out of the candles make you a year older. I might hold onto that idea and freeze time...hmmm
We are all now up in Durham - celebrated last night with her "summer house" family. Addi made cupcakes and they politely shared with us.
This week will be a busy one. Today we meet with occupational therapy to work on Bo's hand. Bo does much better exercising it when someone fusses at him. So hopefully they will be able to refer us to someone local that can fuss at him and help him work it better. Then Bo will do rehab. Then back to the clinics to meet with Dr. Crawford and Susan - our oncologists. I am excited to see them, but a little afraid. I do not think they will say anything to startling, but a few prayers helping that one out wouldn't hurt. I just pray that the cancer stays gone for a long time. I trust that they will have a fabulous game plan.
Love All
Christi, Bo and now 3 Addi


Anonymous said...

Your Addi is so beautiful! I cropped the scratches and now she is perfect again. I will be praying that Dr. Crawford and Susan have only good news and a positive outlook. Pleae let us know what they say-when you can.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Addi!