Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Hello to all - We make it back from another day at Duke. (I hate long posts, love to talk, but hate long posts) We have a few things to figure out and we are trusting the doctors to make the right decisions. One of the "spots" is still suspicious. And with that I mean, they think it might be growing, they are unsure. You ask how can one of the top hospitals in the country but unsure...I know. Every time you get a scan the scanner gets different pictures from the time before. The first time, they saw the spot, but couldn't read it very well. The second time they felt like they got a better picture and the brain specialist wanted to investigate, but our oncologist (with the year Bo has had) felt comfortable waiting and seeing if it will leave on its own or not change. So they agreed to wait, as long as nothing changed. Well without the specialist looking at it, just the radiology department (which could be someone different every time) felt that it might have grown.
So you ask now what...first we pray then we differ to the doctors to make one of three possible choices. 1st decide isn't nothing (of course I am voting for that one) 2nd - determine radiation might work and go that route (hmmmm Bo losing more brain cells, I always said I could love him no matter what - unless he is stupid, dumb I cannot handle) or 3rd surgery. If brain surgery can be minor, this would be minor and would result in another hospital stay. This could be the only way we will definitely know what this "spot" is. So with all that being said, we have made no decisions on how to proceed on preventing BAC from coming back (we will handle this once the "spot" is taken care of...if possible)
I think I will write a new "Spot" Book. See Spot Run. See Spot Jump. See Spot Disappear. Goodbye Spot. I think today was a long day...
Love to All
Christi, Bo and Addi
PS - We have some big days to celebrate this year...just a reminder -
May 27th - 1st Transplant - I would forget this one altogether if I could
June 1st - 2nd Transplant 2008 - Bo diagnosed with Lung Cancer 2006
June 6, 2006 - 06/06/06 - Dr. Crawford and Susan confirmed cancer but became our angels (I knew on this day the world ended, but one something ends a new life begins and for that I am grateful, we found new friends, fell in love with old friends again and the power of friendship and prayers)


Merritt said...

Man I love you guys so much!!! I can't wait to see you guys again!! Love you all so much!!!
Many prayers sent your way!!!

Anonymous said...

You guys are truly amazing! And if you do decide to write a new "spot" book, I definitely want a copy! :-) Thinking of and praying for you always!
Love, The Baileys

Joni Petschauer said...

You have never been alone on this walk and you aren't now. Love and strength to all of you.

Joni and Peter

Anonymous said...

Dear Johnson Family,
We never tell you enough that we are thinking and praying for you daily. We will direct our prayers to seeing spot disappear and that the doctors have the foresight to lead you to great new days.
Take care of each other!
The Glidewell Group

Anonymous said...

I never stop thinking about your family and what you are going through! Many prayers and lots of lots of love-

Anonymous said...

We are always thinking and praying for good news for you. Take care of each other and enjoy each other.
All our love,

Anonymous said...

As always love and prayers.