Friday, October 29, 2010

Hello to All! It is crazy to think that October is almost over, wow it flew by! Addi and I had a crazy time this month with Touch a Truck, a Compliance Meeting for me, Addi's birthday extravaganza, another Lungstrong 5k, A Memorial Golf Tournament for Bo in Hendersonville a visit from my parents from Kansas, then another Memorial Golf Tournament in Houston by some competitors (crazy as it sounds) throw in a penny swallowed and a broken arm we have been busy.
I have talked about Touch a Truck, Compliance Meeting and the Birthday (also the penny and arm) so now about the Hendersonville Golf Tournament. I cannot express how wonderful it is to hear such amazing stories about Bo's childhood. He spoke so fondly of growing up in Hendersonville. He was such the "Eddie Haskel" of the town. He loved basketball and that he was "an incredible shooting" machine...I am not quite sure of the ratio that went in to the shots taken...hmmm A huge thank you to Lee Bradley the best friend he found riding on his bike one day. There are money others as well that were extremely generous and i will personally post some names later. But also the wonderful "shot girls" that made Addi feel so welcome a special.
Addi and I then flew to Houston for the NAFA conference that Bo was so proud of this past week. Bo dreamed of open dialogue, companies working together and enough business for everyone with people doing the right thing. It is amazing how many "good" businesses and people there are out there. A huge thank you to Steve K., Carolyn L., Dennis B. and Eric T. Bo was honored to call you friends and more importantly play golf with you. Also thanks to Theresa M for hosting Addi and myself all day. Some people are just meant to be good friends. To all the men that made Addi there own, Thank You. Most days Addi and I carry through with smiles on our faces, but never has my daughter not want to leave a place because she felt so much love from some Daddies. Dominic, Eric, Kevin and Tashawna (Addi always through you in the mix), thank you for being so sweet to her. Bo loved his job and every time I attend these meetings I understand why. He loved doing the right thing helping people invest there money, but the people he worked and collaborated with make it icing on the cake. I do not know another business filled with such phenomenal, fun loving people. Simply put, How in the world does a 5 year old girl never want to leave a NAFA conference? I mean she is Bo's daughter, but I think the love and attention had a lot to do with it.
Sorry such a long post but I would be remiss if I didn't mention that 9 years ago today I walked into an interview that changed my life. Interviewing with Bo Johnson was over 3 hours long, a first date one would say, but a forever imprint in my heart. Thank you for not hiring me and choosing to love me instead. We were never perfect, but you loved me perfectly. Thank you for taking me on your ride with you, making the incredible friends I have now that carry me and our daughter though. They help us carry Addi's Cure into the future.
Love to All
Christi and Addi


Anonymous said...

Wow- what what a message you have shared! You have brought to us both memories of the past and the promise of the future. Thank you for keeping us informed and the dream alive!

My love,

Anonymous said...

Geez... You know I don't cry, but man that last paragraph... Ugh. Miss you guys! I might come to Charlotte with my sister soon. Plan on hanging out with me then! ;)

--Carolyn T