Monday, October 18, 2010

Hello to all - Just when I wonder if I should keep typing due to lack of things to say, Addi takes it upon herself to keep me on my toes. We October 13th was Addi's 5th birthday! Both of us missed Bo dearly, but we did our best to celebrate. Mommy made it Addipoolza in Lake Norman. We had dinner with family and friends on Wed (her actual bday) then Friday some friends from her new school got together to play at Lazy 5. I think she would have her party there every year. She is slowly getting to know her new classmates and this party helped get to know the few even better.
Saturday morning we both got up and did Cornelius's Lungstrong Run in Bo's Honor. Needless to say I haven't been running much or pushing a stroller while doing it, so I didn't get the best time, but we did it. Addi got out and ran the last little bit with me and crossed the finish line together, hand-in-hand. There was another run in Boone where Bo was mentioned and his story told on Sunday. I hated that we couldn't make it, I heard it was a wonderful event at App.
Sunday had her party with her "old school" and a few new friends. We all went down for lunch in Charlotte at Brixx pizza then on to a play, Aladdin, at the Children's Theater. Well that was the plan. While waiting for the theater to open, Addi fell from some uneven blocks outside and she fell just right, where we had to leave HER BDAY PARTY to go back to the ER in Charlotte. Turns out she fractured right at her elbow. Surgery later that night to put 2 pins and a full arm cast on her. CMC hospital was wonderful and helped her celebrate her birthday with presents in all. I do have to admit it was hard enough not having Bo at the Party, but the ER with surgery, he was missed. At one point when Addi was on morphine, she told me that Bo was holding her hand, I believe her. Because first, I need to believe he was with us, second her hand (the broken one) was extended out like someone was holding it and third, she would never lie to me, right?
We did spend the night there, more so because it was so late when surgery and recovery was finished. We are home now resting, well trying to, trying to convince her no one at school will tease her and she needs to go back. Did I mention that we can now officially she gets the "I break my bones gene" from Bo. Dear lord help me through the next 10 years...
Love to All
Christi and 5 year old broken elbow Addi
Let's see how that name changes...


Anonymous said...

Glad to know that you are home resting! What a bday!!!!!!

Love you girls,

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that Addi broke her elbow on of all days her birthday. We'll keep our fingers crossed for a fast recovery!