Monday, November 13, 2006

Christi, Addi, and I are back from Hawaii and everything went well. We went over on a business trip with a company called Americo. They were great hosts and then we extended a little bit just to get some family time in. Kristen W. came with us as the "babysitter" and she did a great job with Addi when we had functions. I played golf twice, and played with Addi by the pool. She had a blast. Christi had fun as well, and it was nice for her to have someone there to help her with Addi when I was gone to a meeting, or golf.

While i was there, the majority shareholder of the firm told a story that i thought was inspiring. He talked about his dad being told he had two years to live in 1983 because of cancer. That is why he can in and took over the company. He was very happy to tell us that his dad was celebrating his 80th birthday while we were on the trip. I went up to him at one of the dinners to tell him I appreciated his comments. He was very knowledgeable on cancer and even has a cancer drug discovery business. He is a very nice man. Christi and I sat at his table for the last evening and met his wife Ellen as well. Good people.

We are almost done with the website for Addi's Cure. Here are the latest donations:

Kay Falandys
Rob Tekolste
Mary Garrison
Marylyn Katzer
Angie Cretors
Rachel Mestad
Esfandyar Dinshaw
Larry Gregory
Shelly Melcher of Asset Protection

We are well on our way to our goal of $50,000 by the end of the year. Please ask friends, etc. to donate so we can make it. I am excited and Addi's Cure will be a huge success for years to come.

On a health note on me = everything is still going well. I feel great. One of the reasons I do not update the blog as much now is because i am out living! You never know when the end will come, any of us. Let's take advantage now!

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