Monday, November 27, 2006

Hello Everyone, it is me Christi again...
I just wanted to say hello and tell everyone thank you for thinking about my family over the holidays, we had a great one! I ate way to much! Kansas was good, I didn't get to see as many friends as I would have liked to, but maybe over Christmas we can get together, everyone back there is having babies, so that is crazy. As for a Dad things are looking up. He met when an oncologist when I was back there and they found out that the cancer has spread to his lining, but they don't believe any futher than that. The lymph node test came back negative, so we all hope and pray the surgery got it all. 14 spots around the cancer tissue site came back negative as well. He is on the mend, but he is trying to do to much. So for all you Kansans if you see Larry Morgan out on a job site, send him back to his truck! Just for another couple of weeks, sorry Pa.
As for Bo, I love him, but he sure does get himself into some messes. He obviously put a facemask on that had poison oak on it. His rash is pretty much from the neck up...he is feeling better, but if you are allergic to poison oak, lucky me I am not, stay away from him. We will get him better by Christmas, I hope! It not I will take Christmas anyway, anyday with him.

Thanks too all and see you soon

Also a big Happy Birthday to our Princess Peyton, she is 3 Today!

PS - I attached a family photo of Addi's first Carolina game, don't worry, I will get to KU next! Way to knock off Florida, I have never been so proud.

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