Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Christi and Addi came back tonight from Kansas. I was really happy to see them both. It seems that Addi has grown some, and she was happy to see her daddy.

Last night I did a presentation for Merritt's (my cousin) business class at Western Carolina University. It went very well. I was very surprised after the presentation when she presented me with $800.00 she raised for Addi's Cure. I only report them number because it is UNBELIEVABLE! College students gave out of the goodness of their hearts. Poor college students that are waiting tables, etc. It really was special to me. I have them listed below with all of the other donors. I really appreciate all of the donations, but I remember what it was like in college, and it just was special.

I went to Duke today for a check up. No scans, next time. I did talk to Susan, Tracy, and Dr. Crawford about Addi's Cure and what we should do with the money. There is some interesting research going on at Duke, and we have several options. Duke even talked about being able to give progress reports for the website, which should be up soon.

Here is the latest donors to Addi's Cure:

Jonathan Rice
Don and Heather Carlson
Candi Thomas
Lauren Story
Jami Bracey
Kappa Sigma at WCU
Ashley Thompson
Delta Chi Fraternity at WCU
Sigma Alpha Epsilon at WCU
Alpha Xi Delta at WCU

Thanks everyone, that brings us to: $18,636.00


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