Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas everyone from the Johnson Family.

We have had a wonderful holiday here in NC. Today, Addi got her first dollhouse. She was so excited that she really did not look at anything else Santa brought until the afternoon. It was very cute. We had Bill, Jo, Aunt Bobbie, and Tracia over for lunch today as well. Tonight, Addi can not stop taking pictures with her new Fisher Price camera. A lot of pictures!

My holiday really started on Sunday when we went up to Hendersonville for the Johnson dinner. A lot of people were there and it was really nice. We then went to my Papa's house and opened up presents. Addi had a lot of fun. Papa gave me something really to treasure. When my grandmother (Mama) was still alive, she was such an influence on my life. She was really a great woman, and really funny. Any way, for their 50th anniversary, Papa gave Mama a liberty 50 dollar gold piece on a chain. I always loved that piece and thought it was awesome. Papa gave it to me for Christmas. It is very special to me and it will be something I pass on to Addi so she will have something of my grandmothers. I was very shocked.

Monday night we went to Jo's house. Just in case you do not know, Jo is my Mom. I call her Jo because of work, and it has just stuck. (I know when Lena reads this she will be yelling at me to call her Mom...) Daniel, Andrea, Joe, Scout, Mike, Caroline, Christi, Addi, Aunt Bobbie, Jo, and Bill were there and we had dinner and opened presents. It was really fun. I think everyone had a great time. We left that night, and went home to help Santa get ready for Addi..... :)

Back to our house today - Addi's third Christmas was so cool. She really understood a little better about Christmas and what it means. Don't get me wrong, we still have a long way to go.

Christi and I had a good Christmas as well. Christi hit the jackpot! So did I. Honestly, we just enjoyed each other and Addi. I hope all of you understand how special EACH holiday is. I will be seeing my KS family soon!

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