Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christi here - Seriously sometimes you cannot make things up that kids do. Addi has always been a little crazy, obsessed, with the manager scene that comes out around Christmas time. I am very proud of her abilities to remember ever piece, Shepard, wise man, Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus, but this year she has taken it to a whole new level.
Let me start by saying Addi has been very clued in on pregnant woman, our doctor, Dr. Snyder was pregnant and she has now had a wonderful little girl, but anyway, for a long time Addi would tell people she has a baby in her belly. His name was always baby Connor thanks to our friends Walker and Candace that had baby Connor right before Bo was called for transplant. Anyway, so she liked to pretend to be pregnant for the longest time. Well now that Christmas is around Addi loves to pretend to be Mary having Baby Jesus. She would run around telling everyone that she has a baby in her belly and he name is Jesus. Great, that is fun to explain. So to appease my daughter's obsession with the manager scene I finally got her a toy one to play with, which she sleeps with now. But lately the toy baby Jesus is under her shirt and truly in her belly. I guess it could be worse and she could eat him and really put him in her belly. Well now that mind has gone to a whole new lever these last couple days...
She now proceeds to tell everyone that she is Jesus. Not quite sure what to say now. I have witnesses...we were out last night at a party and everyone would say, "What's your name?" "Jesus" was always the reply...I would say Lord help me, but it appears he has entered our house. You have to love little kids. It does make church more interesting. Addi now prays for Daddy, Ms. Sue and Mr. Tom, all her family and friends, Jesus, Mary, Joseph and Steve Smith. Seriously in that order. Kids...
Love to All
Christi, Bo and Addi (aka Jesus)(aka Mary giving birth to Jesus)(and today I am sure around 4:00 we will become Steve Smith)


Anonymous said...

That's awesome!!! Gotta love kids!


Anonymous said...

Don't tell her that your friend Mitch is Jewish, Christian girlfriend, 8 Christmas trees. Total confusion. Great story- your updates are so important!

Anonymous said...

LOL I love it. Ask her if she can use her divine powers to make sure Carolina wins the Big Dance.

Jenn in CA