Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Hello - and guess who thought it would be fun to get the flu also! Thank God not Bo...Yep, one week after Miss Addi got sick, Mom is down and out. Seriously the flu shot knocked me on my tush this year and now this. Stress must reek havoc on ones immune system. On well...more time at home with the family. This is causing a big cramp on my Christmas shopping, so sorry if the presents are a little late.
Bo is doing well. He is working with a personal trainer now to help keep him on schedule and in shape. He also got his Christmas gift early....a treadmill. Lucky him. I already got my present, and Addi has way to many coming.
We visit the doctors again on the 18th for a bronch and biopsy. We also see a dermatologist on the 15 to keep an eye for skin cancers, which are prone when you are on immune suppressants.
Things are good and getting better.
Take care
Love to All
Christi, Bo and Addi


Anonymous said...

Hi Christi,
Sorry to hear you got the flu too. I have been so happy with the news about Bo getting home to stay and just overjoyed and relieved. I pray for continued and improved health and strength. John and I leave for VA and then OR to see grandkids for the holidays so wishing you all a Marry Christmas. What fun Addi will be this year. Kay

Anonymous said...

Hi Christi~

Hope you're feeling better!

Anonymous said...


I'm sorry you're sick. Feel better soon.

Jenn in CA

Anonymous said...

We hope you are doing ok. We haven't heard from you in a while.

Thinking of you,