Monday, December 29, 2008

Hello - Christmas was wonderful at the Johnson House this year. Addi is spoiled, but not too rotten yet. Funny story - Everyone knows I love a bargain (another word for always looking for a deal or sale, aka - Cheap) So I get most my Christmas stuff after Christmas and then make the next years more decorative. Anyway, I found this ornament that opens up and sings "Away in a Manager" with the manager scene inside it that goes in a circle, anyway, I gave this to Addi. (She likes to pretend to be Hannah Montana now when she sings, and well that has been one of her hit songs along with Rudolph, I have to record and post, too funny)
So I hear Addi messing with the tree and playing with her new ornament (not any the new toys she got...mental note, less toys) Then I hear her say, "I can't believe it, I cannot believe it." Immediately I flash to this morning when she showed me an ornament under the couch she had broken and hid. (don't worry she got the speech about always telling the truth and not getting punished,hehehe) So I think, dang she broke it already, there goes $1.50 I will never get back. In she walks still muttering "I can't believe it" She looks up with her big eyes and says, "I can't believe I got this ornament, I just can't believe Santa brought me this. " The ornament wrapped tightly in her arms in a big hug next to her chest. That's when I knew...she truly is our miracle and brings out the Christmas in all of us.
On that note a huge "Thank You" to the elves that left some soup, hot at that and a present for Addi on the doorstep. I do not know who you are exactly, but she loves her doll and stroller.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and an even better New Years. The Morgan's are on their way out here and I cannot wait to see them. The Harvey's are coming too! It is hard to believe that it has been over a year since I have been able to go home. (I know home is in NC also, but home is always where ever your parents reside also)
Love to All
Christi, Bo and Addi


Anonymous said...

Aren't children the best? I love Addi stories...keep them coming! Have a wonderful time with your family and we hope to see you soon! Happy New Year to you, Bo, and Addi!

Anonymous said...

I have been meaning to get in touch with your family for sometime now. I have been aware of your story for a few months ever since my husband (28 yrs old) was diagnoised with Stage IV NSCLC on 9/5/08. He is also a patient of Dr. Crawford & Susan Blackwell's... who both are absolutely god-sent! I am so pleased to hear how great Bo is doing from the lung transplant!! I check in every so often to see how he's doing and I must say that picture below is incredible... he is the picture of perfect health! We recently attended the Annual Angel Gala in memory of Brittany Coppedge. Placed around the tables were frames emcompassing photos of the faces of lung cancer - Bo and Justin (my husband)were both on the same survivor frame - I told Marie (dear friend to Brittany's mom, Tammy) that they both Bo and Justin are patients of Dr. Crawford. With all the millions of Oncologists out there, what are the chances? She said "wow - what a coincidence", but I don't believe in coincidences when it comes to the Lord and the fight against lung cancer. If you'd like to read more about how Justin is doing or get in touch with us, our CB site is:
and website is:

God bless you both - I think of you and your family often! We also have a 2 year old... little boy!

P.S. Justin is doing well - he is on a new chemo combination treatment and his first scan showed that the lung tumor has shrunk 50%! He had one tumor on his lung, but mets to the bone. None of his tumors were that big, so we expect complete remission by the end of his treatments and then he'll go on Tarceva to keep it away forever! God is good!!

Kristy Andrews

Anonymous said...

We are so grateful that your family got to spend the holidays together with a healthy Bo! I have been laughing so hard at the Addi stories, or should I be calling her Jesus? Anyway, we love you guys and miss you. What a wonderful New Year! Lots of Love, The Meyers

Anonymous said...

Good luck and may god be with you.

My brother Harrison just passed away at the age of 30. He had BAC lung cancer and then a lung transplant. He died of fungus infection.

I beleive the lungs reacted to a trial immuno cancer vaccine we tried before the transplant.

Anonymous said...

the vaccine then worked against the new lungs and resulted in the infection