Thursday, June 29, 2006

I hope everyone is well today. I started with a bike ride today that went a little over 10 miles. I want you to know I would have gone further, but time was an issue. Jay Robinson rode with me today and got to my house at 6:00 am. Thanks Jay. I had poached eggs and turkey bacon, as well as a huge fruit smoothie. Once I got to work we had a busy day. We have several agents in the office today as we have a two day program for Thursday and Friday.

I had lunch at the house. Christi had lunch ready and I ate a lot. We had brown rice and what I call squash surprise. I also had soy milk which I am telling you is not bad.

After lunch I had a surprise phone call from Jenny. It was nice to hear her voice. She had just found out and was really upset. I think it helped her to read the blog, which is why I am doing this. Any way, the conversation ended on a positive note.

Dinner was with the group we had in. I love doing business dinners. Christi and Addi stopped by and of course everyone loves Addi. Basically tonight I am going to get some rest, looking forward to the 4th of July weekend. I am playing golf on Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday. I am really looking forward to July 6th as well, which is my next chemo. I hope and pray I have the same kind of reaction this time as well.

I also really want to thank everyone that has made a comment on the blog. I appreciate it. It makes me feel good to read them.

This is also something I want you to know. I am really doing ok. Yes, it sucks I have cancer and lung cancer to boot. However, I am really trying to beat this. I am doing everything I can do here. So, keep me in your prayers and spread the word to all of the people that know me - I am going to do everything to beat this. Pray for me.

Last thing - I thought I would tell a funny story. i am going to tell it exactly like it happened, so please do not get offended.

How you tell your oldest friend you have cancer, and how it can be funny.....

I called Lee Bradley on June 2 to tell him the news. At the time, I was really feeling pretty low. I ceim on my way to work on his cell. I asked him to be ready for some big news and I asked him if he was sitting down. He said to me, "Bo, come on man! I already know that you are gay!" I actually started to laugh. Then I told him and of course he did not believe me. He even thought that was a horrible thing to say. Eventually, I got him to understand I was being serious. My point is, when life delivers the WORST news possibl, your oldest friend in the world just thinks you have changed your sexual oreintation! How funny. Thought you would see the mr in this story, again, not meant to offend anyone....

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Bo, You do not know me but I feel like I know you and have been praying for you daily. Scott Lee is my son-in-law and he and Tiffany have shared your story with me. I felt that I must write to you to see if you have ever read the book by Lance Armstrong, "It's Not About the Bike." Your story could be his story to a "T". Please get this book ASAP and read it. It is not only inspiring, but it details his course of treatment through his lung and brain cancer as well.
Take care and continue the faith.

Phyllis Spears

Anonymous said...

Hi Bo. Well, we had another great week and month as you might expect. Have a great 4th Holiday with family and friends. Good luck taking on the links 3 times over. Sounds like a marathon - you can do it. I am also looking forward to Sat., Sun and Tues off. We will be working on Monday and open for business. I enjoy catching up with you through your blogs. Will talk to you soon - take care - as always Jeanne T.

Anonymous said...


We have only had an opportunity to meet once, quite a few years back when my sister, Tiffany, married Scott. Even though, we are only acquaintances, I felt compelled to write as you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers daily.

My sister referred me to your blog, which I read daily. You are truly an inspiration.

You have encouraged people to write to support your fight. I just wanted you to know that you have captured our hearts and we are cheering you on.....

Thank you for sharing your story with us. You are just awesome and without even realizing it, you have taught us many life lessons during your journey thus far.

Kristy Carter

Anonymous said...

What an inspiration! Thanks for sharing your journey with me! You are going to KICK this thing!!!

And here is what I want to know, what is this squash surprise?? :-)

Tracy said...


I am so happy that you are keeping your spirits up and fighting this. I have complete confidence that you can beat this. After all, you got Morgan to settle down and COOK, if you can do that you can do anything! Please let me know if I can help in anyway!