Sunday, October 29, 2006

Addi, Christi, and I went to the mall today to mess around. It was a lot of fun. There is a store called Express, and it plays "techno" music. Addi stopped in the doorway as we were walking by and started dancing. It was a lot of fun seeing her. She has a big personality, that is for sure.

We did get some potentially bad news this week. Christi's dad found out he has colon cancer. While this is a blow, we are really positive that things will work out. We believe that the surgery he will have on Wednesday of this week will take care of it. Please make sure you pray hard for him, the family needs it. I think he has a good chance to have surgery and a full recovery!

I also ask you to pray for Christi. Today is our anniversary of when we first met 5 years ago at the now famous interview. Ask her about it sometime.... She does not deserve to have to male influences in her life having these problems. This has certainly stressed her out, but she has been a saint. Please say a little prayer for her as well.


Anonymous said...

Bo I pray for you and Christi everyday. We love guys and miss you. Give Addi a hug for me.

Anonymous said...

Dialed up the big man for all of you. I will put her dad on our prayer list at church too. Don't forget to get your ride on tomorrow dude.