Monday, October 16, 2006

Several things to get to today so please read all of this. Very important!

I want to thank Neal Karn for putting together a book for me with pictures and words of encouragement from a lot of my friends. It must have been very difficult to coordinate all of that, and I was touched! It was really awesome and I want to thank everyone for sending in stuff to Neal. It made me tear up....

I also wanted to give an update on Addi's Cure. It is very important to me that this project be VERY successful. We have started designing the website (Lauren and Anna) and letterhead, and I have everything to set up the banking except for the tax id number which should be here this week. We have brainstormed for our first event, and there have been several good suggestions: casino night, New Years Eve Bash, bike race, walk race, funny tri-atholon, bake sale, and many more. We are trying to have something before the end of the year. I would like to have two things annually, one in the spring, one in the late fall. IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS, PLEASE EMAIL ME OR PUT IN A COMMENT! Your giving has been overwhelming and I appreciate it. Here is another list of people who have given:

Chris and Crystal Dodds (Christi's sister and brother in law)
Larry and Terri Morgan (Christi's parents)
Mike Katzer (Christi's uncle)
Mike and Caroline Mullan (my sister and brother in law)
Tashawna Rodwell
Wade and Kenda Laughey
Terry and Anita Cook
God (not making fun, a nice girl sent me her tithe)
Kelly Stamey

These people sent in $1245.00, and the total so far is $3,870.00. Unbelievable!

Last but not least, I went to Norfolk this weekend to see a guy called Adam the healer. It was very interesting, and i learned several techniques for visualization. This is a guy I learned about on ABC, and so think he is a fraud. He never claimed to me to be anything other than someone who believes that each person has the ability to heal themselves. The science behind this is amazing and it shows how important it is to have the right environment around you at all times. This is not just where you live, but also the type of people around, what you eat, stress, etc. If anyone ever wants to check this guy out, you can go to and see for yourself. I learned as much about how to work with Addi as I did about me, so in both ways it was worth it.

Congrats to Merritt for being homecoming queen at WCU!

Love you all!

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That is so awesome about Addi's Cure! I want to give so much, and as soon as I have a few things squared away you can expect several donations. I want to contribute in any way possible, and right now that's all I can do! I will keep praying for you, Christi, and Addi and I look forward to seeing you more at the office!