Sunday, August 31, 2008

Good Evening Everyone - So far we have had a quiet weekend here. We started off with a great visit from the Graham family, Addi loved to see some of her friends. Then yesterday and today Addi and I have played, visited Daddy, make more puzzles that I could dream of (which is amazing because I love puzzles and board games - growing up in the country of Kansas winters will do that to you) and visited Daddy some more. Bo has been resting from his surgery and hopefully tomorrow will start working on getting up to speed to leaving the hospital. Tomorrow will probably be another quiet day with the holiday, but maybe not we will see.
A couple of "Addi Stories" to share. I hope I do not offend anyone, but I still working on how to explain everything to a 2 year old going on 10. First we saw a woman in a gown walking around the hospital. Addi pointed at her and said "Mommy, she's got an infection. The doctors will make her feel better." The woman looked at us like we were crazy, but to defend myself. The third time Bo went into ICU I had to explain to Addi why she couldn't see him anymore, therefore the word infection. Second story - The college students are back in town and lot of students are running near the hospital. So I explained that they are exercising. When we were walking into the hospital there was a nice older woman (maybe a little out of shape) and Addi proceeded to tell me that she needed to exercise...we kept walking with our heads down. Third story - we are having lunch outside with the Graham family and Addi has really been using make-believe play and always Disney Princesses - Mulan is a hit right now. Needless to say an Asian woman was outside and Addi proceeded to yell for everyone that Mulan was there. I thought she was pretending until Lena informed me differently.
The final story is that today during Daddy's nap time we went and visited the "castle" - Duke Chapel. Today we found a close parking spot so we went inside. After prayers said, a candle lit, Addi wanted to read a book, The Bible. As we are reading she then proceeded to tell me that she wanted to sing. I'm thinking okay the kid knows good acoustics. Most people are quite in the chapel, not my daughter she proceeded to sing at the top of her lungs, much to the amusement of everyone there. Then before we left she said she wanted to say a prayer, with her hands clasped "Dear God, please make Daddy feel better and come home soon. Amen." With tears down my face I just pray from her mouth to God's ears. Man I Love that Girl
Christi, Addi and Bo
PS - When we got to the hospital after the castle visit, Daddy was up walking more than usual.


Anonymous said...

Those were so great Christi! Thanks for sharing and God will hear her prayer and everyone else's prayers! We love you!

Rachel and Justin

Mindy said...

Such great stories, she cracks me up. Kids are too funny especially Addi! Miss you guys.


Anonymous said...

Amen Addi!!
God hears the little children! So precious!
Much Love and Prayers!
Leigh Ann

Anonymous said...

Addi is absolutely precious. As you said from her lips to God's ear. Prayer really works, I think even more so coming from a child. They ask for things with such innocent and pure intent. God bless her and your family.