Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hello All - Just a quick post to say we had another great day. A lot of Daddy-Addi time. They have given Bo free access to anywhere in the hospital (we have to take him in the wheelchair, but we can at least go outside whenever we want now) So outside we went until it was to humid and then inside. Bo is working hard on getting "normal" No more gowns...Not an easy thing to do since one hand is needing much rehab. But we are getting there. (At least we are keeping the hand) They have requested that we bring Bo's putter up and let him work his rehab and things that he will really do. So they ask, we bring.
Another good day
Christi, Addi and Bo


Anonymous said...

It sure is great to see everything coming together. God is good! We will continue to pray for you all to be able to get back home as soon as possible. Can't wait to see Addi. I am sure she has grown so much since school ended. Tell her Miss Kim said Hi!

May God continue to bless your family,
Miss Kim

Anonymous said...

Continued thoughts and prayers. It sounds like a lot of walking! Sounds like BO needs one of those automatic ball return doo-hickies from Dick's Sporting Goods.

Best wishes on the rehabilitation on all fronts.

- M. Ebmeier

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Bo. Christi you are a strong woman. May God be with you all. I will keep praying.
Pulmonary Rehab

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! when does he get the driver???

Great Job to you all!!

Jenn in CA

Ken and Mystina said...

Bo and Christi~
We are so excited to read this post. How wonderful that you are able to get outside and feel the sun again. It is so good to read that you are walking, getting time with Addi and getting into regular clothes! God is so good. We pray that things continue to move forward and that you are back on the putting green with your putter, instead of the in the lab, real soon.

Mystina, Ken, Micah and Olivia Zummach

Anonymous said...

Bo ( Spartacus )

I have to stop taking a few days off from the blog. Every time Ido I miss the good stuff. Scratch that, maybe I will take a while off b/c when i do you crush...

head up dude, eyes on the prize.
Sept will be here before you know it.

Brock got his first app today. Dan last week.

Jay and Mel