Monday, May 05, 2008

Hello all! (Christi) Do know that no news is also good news. We have been packing in the fun while we can, with Addi of course. We had a wonderful weekend. Friday night we got to have dinner with family and friends. For the first time we gave the little ones a table of their own, in a restaurant. I know we are nuts to put 2 four year olds (Peyton and Jacob) and 1 three year old (Logan) and 2 two years olds (Patterson and Addi) at a table together, but they did great. They were funny to watch interact and I have to say quieter than the stories that were being told by the adults.
Then Saturday we went to Town Day in Davidson. Addi got to see a bunch of her friends, play games, ride a little train and obsess over the elementary school Jump Rope team. She tried to jump with them, quite entertaining. Then lunch with Uncle Lee and Mr. B and then Daddy went to golf with Mr. Bailey as well. Somehow golf took from 1:00 until 9:00, not quite sure how they played in the dark, but I am just glad Dad got some men time and on the golf course. The bug is starting to bite him again!
Sunday Addi and went to church, someone around here needs to pray for the poor souls that hang out with Daddy until 9:00 and not call home. Bo went to the Wachovia cup, then a Picnic at school and ended the night with Grams and Papa with no pants on. Talk about a good weekend. Bo is doing well, Addi and I are great, but I do have to say that everyone lately sure is answering the phone differently when we call. Sometimes we might just call to chat.
Take care
Christi and Addi

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bo! Please check out This is my friend right around your age with Stage IV Lung Cancer. Like you, he wasn't feeling well for a while and went to the doctor, and guess what?!! I am praying for you and your beautiful family.

One thing the Lawings have learned is to LIVE! Just like you. What a beautiful day today is - enjoy every bit of it! - Here's to you and your family!! -
Kyshia Lineberger, Waxhaw, NC