Friday, May 30, 2008

Just heard from Christi. In short, there is no change. The doctors spent about an hour with Bo this morning and everything is still as it was last night. As they have told us all along, it’s a matter of waiting. He is still on the ECMO machine and resting so the lungs will reduce the fluid buildup.

One another note, I hope to have Christi up and running on a laptop this weekend so she can continue to post as well. While I’m there, I thought I would deliver some messages from the blog for her to read to Bo if ICU will allow it. Even though he is sedated, I believe reading these to him would help him fight. So, if you have a message for Bo, please leave a comment. I’ll print them off tomorrow and take them with me.

Updates will still come throughout the weekend so stay tuned and keep praying.



Anonymous said...

You can do it, Bo! You are an inspiration to all that know you, whether fighting this battle or just being who you are!! We love you!! Donelle

Anonymous said...

Hello Bo,

Kevin Sullivan....Hang in there buddy, you'll win this battle. Blaire, me and all my friends are praying for you every day. I'll set up a T time as soon as you recover....Kevin

Anonymous said...

Though we have never met, I feel like I know your family, through your wonderful friends, the Grahams and the Lees. I have been privileged to teach both Peyton and Jacob in Preschool, and they both love your Addi. Please know that our community, including the "prayer warriors" at Mt. Zion UMC, are praying for your family and for a strong recovery.
Debbie Johnson

The Lady Riposter said...

Keep fighting, Bo! You're one of the strongest and most determined people I've ever had the pleasure to meet. You are a hero to your beautiful daughter and everyone else who knows you. Prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery are with you!

James said...


Your in our prayers! Keep fighting...we are waiting for you to come back even wishes...vazirani and all of us from SFS

Aunt marilyn,Uncle Leon said...

Christi, we are here thinking of you, Bo, Addi and everyone else,including Duke, every hour. We love you so much, with lots of prayers. Every word is so meaningful, Brian is doing an awesome job. JC and family, and everyone in Greeley keep the computer's on.

Cyndi and Ami Harvey said...

Uncle Bo and Aunt Christi,
our thoughts and prayers are with you all the time, Uncle bo we know you are a fighter and are going to make it through this. we miss you guys very much!!! Aunt Christi we wish we were out there in NC spending time with you, we know it has to be hard, but we also know you are very strong. We know you also gotta be missing miss Addi!
We looove ya!!!
Ami and Cyndi

Anonymous said...


We are all thinking about you and sending you blinding amounts of light and love. As you rest, see that light surrounding you and filling you, see it working with you to rid your lungs and body of the fluids and heal all the new "connections", feel the energy of God's love filling you with strength and comfort.

You are the warrior! We are all humbled by the battle you've taken on and thank God for the miracles you've been offered. You knew this would be the hard part and we all know that even though you're sedated you're doing the work and working the plan.

Keep up the good work and surface from your rest soon!

Prayers and love from Omaha.

Larry and Tammy

Alene said...

Bo, all of Rehab is rooting for youand I told you we`d come up there and kick some you know what if need be We are all keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. We got to talk some Carolina Basketball, don`t forget

Anonymous said...

Bo!! Keep fighting like we all know you can!! Your strength is an inspiration to us all. You recuperate and rest and we’ll keep sending visions of good health and healing prayers your way. You are loved by so many people and we are constantly thinking of you. Buddy, "You got this!!" Emily

Anonymous said...

you're my hero bo johnson.

keep fighting.
stay strong.
and never give up.

my prayers and wishes are with you, Christi, and Addi always.

love and miss you, anna.

Jamie said...

You can beat this Bo! Keep fighting and stay tough. You have been an inspiration to all of us. Just keep staying positive. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers all the time! We love you! :) Jamie E.

Anonymous said...

To the Johnson family -- I only know you through the blog (found your link on a fellow Jayhawk alum's blog) and I've been following your story. YOU ARE ALL so inspirational and in my prayers everyday. We have a young daughter too and therefore know how precious life can be and how strong the desire is to watch them grow-up! Bo - keep thinking about your beautiful baby girl and your incredibly devoted and amazing wife (obviously she's amazing -- she's a Jayhawk!)
God bless you all!

Anonymous said...

CHristi I love you and am thinking and praying for you as well.

BO you have always been who i have looked up too, and wanted your approval in most everything I have done growing up. You have been such a role model and inspriation to me even before this battle. And now i watch you fight for not just you but for everyone that you love. I admire you so much and i am so thankful and proud to call such a strong and courageous man my cousin.

Keep fighting you have it in you and will blow this out of the water.
I love you
-Merritt "AKA" favorite cousin- :)

Anonymous said...

Hang in there buddy, I know you can beat this! We love & miss you & continue to pray for you & your family everyday. Audrey

Anonymous said...

Bo, I put you on the prayer chain at our church, so you have a LOT of people in Houston praying for you! - Jean Casagrande

Anonymous said...


You, Christi, and Addi are in our thoughts and prayers every day. You've beaten the odds to date, and you will continue to do so. No matter what, don't ever give up. Also, don't forget. You have to walk a very special little girl down the aisle on her wedding day.

Terry, Kathy, Ashley, & Erika

Anonymous said...

Christi & Bo-
I know we haven't known you & your famly very long but I've watched you guys go through this with such class and grace and that is a inspiration in itself! My family and I are continuing to pray for you and your family during this "waiting period". Keep the faith and know if God bought you to it, He will bring you through it!!
Aaron & Paula Jackson

Anonymous said...

Bo & family, while I do not know you personally, I feel as though I do. Your story was the first that I read when I moved to Cornelius and have been following your courageous battle via your blog ever since. The support that you have and the fight that you have shown thus far is enormous. Please know that there are many many many of us out there praying for you daily. My family and friends include all of you in our prayers. Continue this battle together. As a team you will overcome! And your team is huge! All of my love and prayers - your neighbor

Anonymous said...

bo...all your friends in raleigh are praying for you, your family and your doctors. keep fighting!

Anonymous said...


I haven't prayed for anything in a long time. it's been hard for me to find something to rekindle my faith. I can honestly say that you have made me pray again. I pray for you mostly, and to bring a sense of calm to Christie. We are all here to rally behind you and your family.....We are one big family!! We love you! Stay with us. We need you!


Janet Mullan said...

Bo - when Mike became a part of your family, you and Christi and Addi became a part of ours. Please know that all of the Mullans are praying for you and there are many family members and friends of ours that you have never met that have prayers headed your way also. God must realize what a special person you are to have been bombarded with so many prayer requests! You have been so strong these past two years - keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

Bo - I have never doubted for a moment that you wouldn't pull through this because of the amazing person you are. To say that you're an inspiration falls short of reality. Your persistance in the face of trials makes me want to be a better person each day. My prayers for you and your family have never been more earnest and I know they're not falling on deaf ears. I'll keep praying if you keep fighting.
- Lauren

newton said...

Bo: Keep battling
Beastie: Stay strong
Brian: Good work

Newtons (Lawrence America)

katie and scott williams said...

Bo - Keep fighting! We know if it were one of us, you'd be right there by our side telling us to kick this thing's ass. So go ahead! You're so tough and we know you can pull through this. We wish we could be there with you but just know that you have people all over the world cheering you on to recovery!

Beastie - Hang in there! You're just as strong and amazing as Bo, so keep positive and if you start going crazy waiting to talk to the doctors, head to Coach and Bub's for a little home cooking to keep your tummy occupied at least. We love you!

Bret said...

Hey Buddy!

Even though "the beat goes on" here at work you are on everyone's mind every moment of the day...we are all praying for you and your family with the absolute certainty that some day soon all will be well...the same certainty that the day would come for you to get this transplant...the same certainty that you will see Addi graduate and grow to be an old man with your lovely bride. I'm looking forward to having you back here or at least calling me on the phone when your vpn doesn't work!! rock the mostest, Bo!

Your Friend,


Anonymous said...

Bo, Christi, and Addi you are in our thoughts and prayers... Get better soon so we can all meet up back in Lawrence.

Jason, Nancy, and Reed Willems
San Francsico, CA

Anonymous said...

Keep fighting, You are one of the strongest people I know.

Anonymous said...

Bo, Christi, Bill, Jo, Addi, and family,
Everyone here at Allen Marketing is praying for you. Kelsie and I are checking the blog several times a day to stay current and we are getting updates from ET also. You all are extremely strong and we have faith that Bo will fully recover based on his will to fight. Bo is an inspiration to me because he has always said he would beat this and he will. We will continue to check the updates and thank you for keeping the blog current.

God Bless and you have many people praying for you.

Lisa Allen-Cutlip
Allen Marketing & Associates, Inc.

Anonymous said...

We are routing for you and have been sending extra prayers and positive wishes out to you and your family. We know you can make it through this. Keep fighting, stay strong and never give up! Jen and Haleigh

Anonymous said...

You go Bo Johnson!!!!!! Keep up the fight my friend - you can do it, you can do it! Peace and love to you and your strong family.

I've got my troops praying for you in Greensboro! xoxoxo

Amy Williams

Carolyn said...

Hey Bo,

We're thinking and praying for you -- and Christi, Addi, Jo and Bill too! My sister said she saw you, Christi and Addi just last week and that you were lookin' good as always. Stay strong! You know you can do this! Miss all of you very much and we'll see you soon -- maybe even this summer.

--Carolyn Thomes :)

Robert J. Black said...

Bo: Another day is another battle... but the power of YOU is in the fact that you know it! You always have known it, even before the transplant option. Fight for a day. When you get it, fight for another. That builds a week, a week builds a year, and years build lifetimes... As you said many times to me, that's actually what we all do!

And remember... we still have a story to tell!!!

Rob B.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bo Christi and Addi,

We love you and are thinking and praying for you all the time. Keep fighting.

Love Jenn and Alex in CA

Anonymous said...

It is with no surprise you have such a big fan club. We miss you in the office and we are praying for a speedy recovery. We love and miss you pal.


Anonymous said...

It would be wonderful if Christi could walk into Bo's room tomorrow with over a 100 comments and well wishes in hand. Please take just a minute from your day and pass on your thoughts to a wonderful family, in their time of greatest need. Thanks...

Anonymous said...

Tracey, CJ, Hannah and I are all really thinking about you. Keep fighting Bo. We are all looking forward to seeing you very soon. Christi please let us know if there is anything we can do for you...

Anonymous said...

Bo, I love you so much. You will get through this! Christi, please know, that there is an army of us that are here for you and you family.

All of my love and prayers,

Anonymous said...

Mind over matter, Bo! You can do this! Look at what you've accomplished over the last two years!!! Keep fighting! You are winning!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Keep fighting! We all love you very much. We can't wait to spend some more time cooking out in your front yard :)! While you are getting well at Duke, know that Addi has many playmates and we'll continue to include her in all of our fun activities. She is in such good hands! Mrs. Morgan is doing a fabulous job! Love to you all! Amy, Shawn, Jacob and Logan

Allison Burwell said...

Hi Bo-
Even though we've never met, I just wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and am pulling for you! I've been following your blog and can tell how strong you are, so use that strength now!

Allison Burwell

Anonymous said...


You are an amazingly strong person. I have a tremendous amount of respect for you. You and Christi are two of the kindest and most caring people I have ever known. I thank you for everything you have done for me and my family. You are both in our prayers daily as well as in the prayers of the congregation of two churches in North Carolina, a church in Oklahoma and another church in Ohio...people are praying for you all over this country buddy! Stay strong and always know how much you are loved by so many people.
The Nagy's

Anonymous said...

Bo and Christi,
We continue to send prayers and positive thoughts your way and will do so as long as you need us. As we have said before, your strength and ability to walk this journey is an inspiration to us and we watch in awe!
We love you!
The Glidewell Clan

Melj said...

Our thoughts are with you both and Addi. You are such a beautiful and amazing family! Stay strong!
Melissa and Chad Hoffman

Anonymous said...

" A soul anchored in faith, shall not go astray during the storm."
Keep the FAITH, Stay STRONG, Keep FIGHTING!!!
You are all in our thoughts and prayers!!!

Sharie and Chris Rice
Old friends from Charlotte

Anonymous said...

Bo and Christi,

You are such an inspiration. Your courage and strength are undeniably amazing. Keep fighting Bo! Stay strong and know there are many many people pulling for you and praying for you. We miss you both!

Love, Todd, Elizabeth, and Maggie

Anonymous said...

Bo, Chritsi and Addi,
We continue to keep you all in our daily thoughts and prayers. Prayers are so powerful and you have a million going out to you. Stay strong and know you have an army of support fighting with you.
God Bless,
The Robinsons

Anonymous said...

Bo, you are a hero to so many people. Stay strong and you will win this battle. We miss you areound the office, and cant wait to see you back! Keep up the fight! Love, thoughts and prayers - Tod & Christina

Anonymous said...

Bo and Christi,
Life is a team sport and we at the Graham household are all on your team! We are sending prayers up 24hours a day.
God Bless,
Jon and Donnelle Graham

Anonymous said...


I thought of you so much today. I went to God in prayer, to ask him to watch over you and show you that I care. Be strong! Christi you are in our prayers.


Anonymous said...

John and I are praying for you and your entire family-we miss you here at work and love you....Elizabeth M

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good fight!!!! You have an unbelievable amount of people who think the world of you and we all know you can get through this!!!! We are praying for you and your family every day. We miss you and love you buddy!!!!

Wade and Kenda

Anonymous said...

Bo, Christi and Addi,

You are all amazing people and have such a strong, incredible bond. After-all you are royalty-king, queen and princess!! Continue to be strong. You are an inspiration!!!!!

Love Mindy

Anonymous said...

You can do it Bo! Keep fighting, your doing great. We all have you and your family in our thoughts and prayers and are looking forward to seeing you back at work. Contracting misses you!! Stay strong!!


Anonymous said...

Keep fighting, Bo. You're almost there, buddy ... You've got a lot of folks pulling for you.

- Bronack

Anonymous said...

Bo, Christi and Addi, you are all in my thoughts and prayers. I know this is a hard time but from what I have seen and heard, Bo is a fighter. He has so much to fight for and he's going to come out on top! Please take care and thanks for the constant updates.
Love, Laney Robinson

Anonymous said...

There hasn't been a day that's gone by that we haven't thought about you and prayed for you, Christi, Addi and your entire family. Reading the other postings tonight and seeing how many people from across the country have you in their prayers is truly amazing. We were reminded in church last week that when we ask, God listens. There's a lot of asking going on on your behalf - He will surely answer all of these prayers. We love you and miss you -stay strong, keep the faith and continue to fight through this.

We are looking forward to seeing you very soon!

Sending you much love,
Dave and Amy Jacobs

Anonymous said...

Bo - We are praying for you and your family and are looking forward to updates from YOU on the blog. Keep fighting hard!!

Kiley, Andrew and Scheper Thiel

Anonymous said...

Your strength and determination is such an inspiration. It is so amazing to witness all of the love and support that is being sent your way, through messages, through prayers, through love for sweet Addi. I hope you can feel it! You have a beautiful, cheerful little girl waiting to see her daddy when you wake up! Keep up the have an amazing journey ahead!
Heather, Jeremy, Casey and Cameron Koster

Anonymous said...

Bo, you are truly my hero. Your strength, courage, preseverance, positive attitude etc. it an inspiration to all. With your determination and all the prayers being sent your way, you're bound to be fine. Things are not the same around the office with you gone, so hurry and get well soon.
Love, Pam

The Jacquinots said...


Keep up the fight, we know you're going to make it through this like a champ! I've never met a more generous, determined, or strong willed person than you. You are truly an inspiration to us all. Our whole family is sending alot of prayers your way from Kansas. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Justin Aber, Angie, and all of the Jacquinots