Friday, July 25, 2008

Good Evening Friends - I hope that you all doing well. Today Bo was a little more frustrated than yesterday, but that is completely understandable. He really wants to go home and to be with all you, talk about work and play with Addi. I think he might of tried to do a little to much yesterday, because today he was a little more tired and breathing a little harder. So we rest. It is hard to know how hard to push because you want to always challenge yourself, but not set yourself back to far.
They are looking more into Bo's diaphragm issue. Nothing really new to report, but wanted to throw that one out there to pray for. If we can get his diaphragm working more efficiently then that should help with lowering the CO2 levels. So we pray.
Bo is resting tonight in a different ICU, the 7th floor. This is just a temporary change not due to anything to do with Bo, more to do with the need for bed space on the 3rd floor ICU. The 3rd floor is the most advanced technology wise. Bo is just using the vent now, but since these doctors know him and they want to make sure he get the best care possible (I think they want Bo to be their pride and joy) They will get him back to his room as soon as possible. Unfortunately on the flip side of this, that means there is too many patients critically ill right now. So please take a moment to think about everyone on the 3rd floor ICU, pray for their family and pray for the amazing doctors and nurses. (It goes to show we are getting the best treatment possible)
Take care and rest up
Christi, Addi and Bo

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Anonymous said...

Bo, Christi, and Addi,

You can count on our prayers on your behalf. Don't loose hope. It will happen - in God's time!
Miss Kim