Saturday, July 26, 2008

Good Evening Friends - Today we kidnapped Bo and brought him back down to the 3rd floor with our "people" Bo liked his stay on the 7th floor just fine, but we wanted to be with the people that know Bo and his path to recovery. So we kidnapped him, I did promise him next time I would kidnap him from the hospital completely. Other than the kidnapping, today was pretty uneventful. (As I have said before, I will take stable and uneventful any day) We rested, we walked, we talked and we watched movies. Tomorrow we will do the same. Then Monday we regroup and find the next plan of attack.
I hope everyone has a restful weekend.
Christi, Bo and Addi


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day to me! Love you guys!


Anonymous said...

Christi...can you post the mailing address for Bo at the hospital? Thank you!!
Ashley Branham Leimer