Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Good Evening - Bo had yet another amazing day. He walked 3 times today about 400 feet each time. And 2 of those times without the vent and pushing the stand that assists him. This stand holds all the tubes (still draining fluid from his chest, but down from 9 tubes to 2) and machines to monitor his vitals. Normally we have Bo, a nurse with the IV poll, PT helping Bo push the stand with the tubes, respiratory working with the vent and me following behind with a chair in case he gets tired. Now we have me and a nurse! We are moving and shaking big time today. I mean that is 2 times more than he has ever down without the vent both on top of that he was off the vent for 6 hours, 3 hour intervals and maybe one more time tonight. He was quite exhausted when he finished all that, hopefully he will sleep well.
I hope everyone else does that same
Christi and Addi
PS - I wanted to send a little, actually a big, THANK YOU, to Steve and Tara...Addi loved the toys, Bo the movies (I guess my movies were stuff he has already seen). So many people have been so generous, I promise some how we will repay you all.


Anonymous said...

Bo,Christi,& Addi who could be more
generous than this family sharing one of the most devasating events in their life. Thanks so much for this news. It has helped knowing what a miracle you all have let us witness. Could there ever be a better testimony of Prayers being answered and God's love & healing power than this. Thank you all for keeping us posted. It is an inspiration to all.
Love & Prayers
Granny Carolyn

Anonymous said...

Bo and Christi,

you guys are knocking it out of the park. keep it up dude. eyes on the prize.

Jay and Mel

Candace said...

You made our night. Thanks for always keeping things in perspective for all of us!!!!
All our love,
Candace, Walker and Connor

Anonymous said...

God is good.

Anonymous said...

go Bo, go! Sounds like he's killin' it!

Keep it up...
Neal & Trey

Anonymous said...

Christi & Bo:

So proud of you guys. So happy that you are winning the race that has been set before you. Our prayers continue to be with you.

Blessings and love

Randy & Kaye Ellington

Anonymous said...

Way to go, BO!!!!
Aunt Mary and Uncle Jeff

Anonymous said...

Hey Bo & Christi~

I am so sorry that I have not written before now. You are both such an inspiration! Please let me know if there's anything at all that we can do to help you or your family. You have been weighing heavy on my heart and mind...I've been praying hard for you and know that you'll pull through this a stronger man. It sounds like you're kickin' butt now! I'm so proud of you and your progress. What great cheerleaders too.:)God has a plan and just know that we all support and love you so much! You have such an amazing family and friends and I'm so lucky to have you for a friend. I would love to come and see you when you feel up to it or bring you dinner...just let me know!

Love~Suzanne Campbell(Chris & Sutton too)!

Anonymous said...

Great News...Go BO!

<3 Ashley J

Lee B. said...

Great talking with you this morning Christy and hearing the good news. Look forward to seeing you guys soon, at the new apartment. Give Addi a kiss from the Bradley's and I guess go ahead and give Bo one from me as well. Just not on the mouth!
Love you, Lee B.

Anonymous said...

we are so thrilled for bo's progress. thank you for sharing your trials and tribulations with us. we are praying every day for a full recovery.

love, the barnettes.

Anonymous said...

Prayers are so strong, and Bo seems to be fighting just as hard!! I love you all so much, Christi, BO is strong, but i know your strength is helping him as well. We are thinking and loving you all down here in GA.
much love and lots of XOXOX

Jerrold said...

Johnson, Family keep up the good work, one step at a time put one foot infront of the other, Goodness I did realize Bo had 9 chest tubes in I though 4/5 was bad enough, those things hurt.

Byron McIlwain Sr said...

Hi Bo & Christi
Ps 37:3-5
3. trust in the Lord, and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed.
Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.
5. Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him and he shall bring it to pass.
Christi the only repay we want is Bo continuing recovery.
We will continue to pray for the whole family. (Bo you are an inspiration)

Anonymous said...

Bo and Christi,

I'm so happy that you are keeping us all up to date with Bo's progress. I am happy to hear that he is doing so well. I think about you guys everyday and I know Bo will be home real soon. We love you.

Isaiah, Nicki, Nyla and the twins.