Monday, June 23, 2008

Good Evening to All! What a big day...Bo made it his usually routine, but is stretching it out further and further. Today he made it one trach trial for 3 hours! Amazing! Bo is a little worried about how they are pushing him, but he is hanging with it and trying his hardest. He is now up to walking 400 feet on top of all his time off of the vent. He is doing such a great job and Addi and I even got to fit Kung Fu Panda in tonight. Way to much popcorn and Care Bear Gummies!
Christi, Addi and Bo


Anonymous said...

Christi and Addi,
It sounds like you guys are finding some time to be together and have fun. How was Kung Fu Panda?
Wow, Bo is awesome. He is working so hard and making such great process. Tell him we are all cheering for him. We know he can do it. Tell him they are only working him so hard because they believe in him. You always want the coach to yell at you, if he doesn't it means he has given up on you. They are not giving up on you Bo!! Hang it there and stay strong and work hard. The results will be so worth it.
Know we send all of you love, hugs, prayers, and hope.
Aunt Mary and Uncle Jeff

South Carolinians Against Lung Cancer said...

I've kept you all in my thoughts and prayers since I found you on Jerrold Dash's blog. God bless you all, and I'll continue to pray for Bo in the days ahead.
Angie Derrick
Little Mountain, SC

Anonymous said...

Great news!!!!! Thanks for updating us Christi!

Theresa and Kevin said...

We are so excited to see Bo's continued progress! Thank god for this blog! We feel so connected to all of you and what is going on! It is so great that Addi is around Daddy now to whip him into shape:) Hope you had fun at the movies. Keep up the hard work Bo! We miss you!
Theresa and Kevin

Anonymous said...

Bo, you are amazing. Keep it going! Always thinking about you and your and your family,
My Love,

Anonymous said...

Christi, great news! Bo is just awesome and before long will be walking right outta there! Please tell him E Maddox sends her love and FIG misses him around here so he needs to hurry! Thanks so much for posting and keeping us all in the loop. We check it ever day!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick is his hand doing?

Cameron's Blog said...


Awesome continuing news!! Give Bo my best and we are so glad you are all together as a family. Please tell Bo I can't wait to play golf with him again. :-)

God's peace, the Motts
Casey, Shelly, Cameron & Caroline

Anonymous said...

Hi guys. I've been reading up on all the blogs. And I'm calling Jon to let him know how things are going as well. We're so swamped over here. I'm really glad to hear Bo is doing well even if it's little by little. Me, Justice and Nick are goin to Minnesota for 2 weeks and we will be taking tons of pics so I will be e-mailing. Hope that helps lift the mood a little. Sorry I haven't gotten any recent pics lately. But I will soon I promise. Yall take care and I'll keep reading.
Freedom and family and Jon