Thursday, June 05, 2008

Good evening everyone I hope you day went well. Ours was a good day, Bo moved to sitting in a chair for a little. Tomorrow morning they are going to put in the GJ tube, feeding tube, and that will remove all tubes from his mouth and nose. He seemed a little more aware today and a little more irritated, so that is our Bo coming back. He is doing really well, the doctors are just uncertain how long it will take Bo to get his breath back by himself. His diaphragm is a little worn out with all the procedures. So small steps and hopefully within the next week we will have the moment we have all been waiting for and out of ICU. Tonight we need to have an uneventful GJ tube procedure tomorrow morning, pray that his body keeps healing itself (kidneys heal themselves and platelet levels rise) please let his diaphragm keep working and start the process of getting off the ventilator. Tomorrow afternoon they are also going to give him Heparin (spelling) to help with the blood clots in his left chest, there is a chance this might cause bleeding again that they will have to clean out "manually" but they feel it is important to work on those clots. That will be later in the day.
Now I have a personal favor, I am looking in to bring Addi up to stay in our apartment, but I need to be with Bo a majority of the time. For anyone familiar with the Chapel Hill, Durham area, I am looking for half day summer camps, part-time sitters or ideas for her. Please feel free to email me or post on the blog ideas. I want to keep her entertained with friends, new and old, but I need to be with Bo as well. Thanks for the ideas and help.


Anonymous said...

Christi I went to high school with Bo and I have been reading your blogs everyday and I am glad to here good news on Bo. He is a lucky man to have such a strong family and a very strong wife. We will keep praying for you guys and please tell Bo to keep fighting.....

Robert Mazzeo

sharie and chris said...

We are so thrilled to hear all the GOOD NEWS and we pray everyday that it CONTINUES!!! I have inquired about Addi with a cousin of mine that lives in the area and will let you know as soon as I hear! You probably have many friends there but trying to do all that we can to help!!! We continue to pray for you, Bo, Addi and all!!!! You are SO STRONG, an INSPIRATION to everyone! Stay Strong with FAITH!!!! Bo, Keep FIGHTING!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Keep going Bo!!! You're making some great progress.
still praying every chance I get! We love you!!! Christi you continue to amaze me.

Fight on!!

Anonymous said...

It is so exciting that Bo got to sit up in a chair. That was a big, baby step! We hope all goes well tomorrow.

As far as Addi, I would check with the University and see if there is any child care available for professors and for the medical staff at the hospital. They might have camps or information on where to find them. Also, if there is a YMCA in the area, they usually have day camps for children. Also, alot of churches will be holding Vacation Bible School this summer. Those usually last a week and are half day.
I know it must be so hard to be away from Addi. You want to be both places with BO and with Addi. I hope you can get them both together very soon.
We will continue to keep you, Bo, and Addi in our prayers.
We pray for an another good day.
Aunt Mary and Uncle Jeff

Anonymous said...

Dear Christi,

That is great news that Bo is sitting up! Every little step is a step forward. I'll keep praying and in the meantime email all my college friends in R-D-CH and see what we can find for your Addi girl.

I'm so excited for you and Bo.

Jenn in CA

Anonymous said...

Christi and Bo,
I am praying for the big miracle, the one that shows all bodily fuctions at normal. The hand free of pain, the lungs free of fluid and breathing. Bo eating on his own, and talking with no tubes down his throat. I concentrate on Bo being well, a whole and happy person with a beautiful wife and child. God can do this in the wink of an eye. Believe it and own it, it is yours.
Our thoughts are with you, and the biggest church in Texas is praying for you.
All our love,
Pat and Ken Marks
Sylva, NC

Katie and Scott Williams said...

Bo and Christi!
What an awesome day! I think you've passed by "baby steps" and took one giant step today sitting out to a chair. As a PT I know that if the doctors think he's ready to get out of bed, he's doing great. So glad to hear that his personality is coming through! We know he can keep fighting if his mind is in it!
Love you guys!!!
Katie and Scott

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say how great it is that Bo is doing better. I have prayed a lot for him. I go to the blog 4-5 times a day. He is a strong person I know that by him coming to Rehab. He will get better. I just know...God bless you, Addie and your family..Most of all bless Bo. IT will be great when he comes off the ventilator. Tell him Brenda said hang in there.
We miss him a lot.
Pulmonary Rehab

Anonymous said...


I live in the triangle and you might spread the word at Duke that you need assistance with Addi. There are always students needing to earn money and they would be convenient. You might check some of the churches in the area for half-time day camps. I do not know of anything right off. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

To everyone out there keeping up with Bo's progress and looking a way to help out. His platelet count is low and he needs platelets. You can donate platelets through the Red Cross. Not all Red Cross centers can take platelets, you can check in your area to find the center closest to you. The procedure can take anywhere from one to two hours. Platelets only live 5 days so therefore, there is a big demand for donors. So give the Red Cross a call to donate platelets. While giving platelets you can catch you on your sleep, watch a movie or read. The Red Cross people treat you like kings and queens.

Anonymous said...

I am happy for your family that Bo is progressing in his recovery.
We lived in Chapel Hill for 9 years, and I have 3 very close friends still there, all with girls 3 and under. I have emailed them to get sitter and care info, as they would be trustworthy resources.
Also, and I know your time is at a premium, but you may want to check out the CH moms club website. I would think it could give you some ideas.

Anonymous said...

Christi - We'd love for Addi to hang out with us as much as you'd like...perhaps she'd have fun playing with the "big kids" while in Durham. :) My girls will be at Duke soccer camp each day next week, so Kris and I will be in the neighborhood and available to pick up/drop off. I'll email Brian W. with my contact info to share with you.

Tell Bo to stay grumpy - it makes him fight harder! ;)

-- Bronack

Anonymous said...

I put out feelers with friends in the CH area too. Sounds like you have some good leads already. I hope you quickly find a way to have Addie nearby.
Whitney Brown Corrigan

Anonymous said...

Hi Christi. What great news. Glad that Bo is trying out the chair and really pleased to hear that he is grumpy. That is a very good sign of improvement. I will be in Chapel Hill on Monday for a meeting. I have one or two avenues for help. Please let me know if you think you might need them, or if you have enough offers already. Lena has my contact info.
Prayers continuing for all!
Donnelle Graham

Courtenay W said...

Another one of Bo's fraternity brothers, John Marshall, lives in the area and they have 3 boys ages 5 and under. They would love to help out and point you in the right direction with Addi. Who is the best person for him to talk to and give their contact info to?

The whole Charlotte Smarty Pants team is continuing to cheer for and pray for our Smarty Dad. As moms we know that the baby steps turn into runs, skips and climbs. Keep taking those baby steps Bo and Christi, you continue to amaze me with your love, strength and grace. God sure knew what he was doing when he sent you to Bo!

Courtenay Wardell

KelseyMoore said...

My sister lives in Durham, and I have called her to see about ideas. She is super involved in her church and they could have something for Addi. I will let you know somehow if I find out something from her this weekend, probably through walker and candace.

I have been praying for Bo and your family. Reading about the journey has been amazing.

-Kelsey Moore
(candace and walker's friend!)

Anonymous said...

Christi- You found yourself a baby sitter any time you need one! I'm serious too. I work from home, have two small pups just like yours, and although I am 28 I hear I act much more like a 4 yr old. I am only 25 minutes from duke hospital in raleigh. Addi and I can cruise to the parks, golf(!) watch movies you name it. I also have a couple entertaining neighboorhood kids popping in and out all the time too. my babysitting boot camp was a week with weston, walker and carter:) Just tell me when and I am all in! ~Katie

Marci, Jim and Lance Carlyle said...

We pray for Bo every day and is seems that all the prayers going up for Bo are working. We just wanted you to know that we pray for you too. I sometimes think it is harder for the loved ones. Bo doesn't know exactly what is going on and what you are going through, but I know he appreciates it. Love like yours is special. May God cradle you in his arms and give you peace.

Anonymous said...

Great news! Christi, Bo will be bugging you about playing golf before you know it. You are amazing people.

Nick and Mary Kay Guillaume

Carolyn said...

Hey Christi - I just sent you an email to your fig address with some babysitter info! :)

Anonymous said...

Christi, I know my church is having VBS June 16-20. The web site is and it's about fifteen minutes from the hospital. I'll let you know if I come up with anything else!

Sara 9300

Mendy said...

That is great news.

Anonymous said...

Christi I have contacted my mom and brother in Chapel Hill and told them what you are looking for for Addi. They are both in real estate and have accesss to all agents and companies in that area. Chad is going to send out a blast email to all of them to get a referral for camps and or sitters. Hopefully I can get back to you soon. You all are in my prayers and it's great to hear about the progress Bo is making!!! Take Care....Chip Lloyd

Anonymous said...

Hi Christi-
That is such great news about Bo. I read your blogs everyday like so many others and just wanted to let you know that there are many, many friends out here praying and pulling for you and Bo and Addi. Thanks again for keeping up the blog. I know you have a lot on your plate right now and all of us appreciate you keeping us informed!

Mike Janky

Anonymous said...


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