Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Good Evening - Today Bo did so much that I am so proud of him. He was able to wiggle his legs and move his left arm. He is trying so hard to get stronger and slowly succeeding. I know Bo would want to move mountains with leaps and bounds, but hopefully someday he will realize that he is doing that. We also got the ventilator down to the lowest settings, so now we are just working on getting his diaphragm stronger to push the air out properly. They let him stabilize today with the lowest settings and then tomorrow will be a huge day of trach trials (breathing on his own) This is scary for a lot of patients, but I know with practice he can do it.
As Bo is waking up for the meds more and more, he keeps wondering why the entire staff is checking in on him. I just keep telling him because of me and my craziness, but in all honesty they are all pulling for him. He is truly a miracle. There is nothing more precious than knowing my husband's will to live....


Mindy said...

So good to hear about this big day, we have been waiting for him tom get off this ventilator and to be at the lowest settings that is amazing. Keep fighting Bo! You are a miracle. Christi, I am so happy you have Addi and your mom with you.

Take care. Please call or email if you need me.

xo Mindy

Anonymous said...


Our church and choir prayed for you and your family tonight. We both look forward to seeing you again at our Tuesday and Friday exercise sessions - although we pray/hope it is just for you coming by and visiting after a complete recovery.

Yours in Christ,

Ed and Lib Connell

Anonymous said...

Bo - the prayer warriors in Des Moines are PRAISING GOD tonight for your remarkable progress. It's amazing that those boys have been praying for you EVERY SINGLE DAY for 2 years and haven't met you. Get stronger and get back to Des Moines so you can meet those boys. The famous Bo is a legend in their eyes!!! Keep the fight and know that our prayers continue. Christi and Addi and family - we also pray for you to find strength and peace as you stand beside Bo through this journey. God Bless you all!!!

Theresa and Kevin said...

Good Luck tommorrow Bo! It sounds like a big day with you trying to breath on your own. Stay strong. It is soooo awesome you are cancer free and making such progress in getting stronger. You amaze me!

Christi, you really touched me when you said that "there is nothing more precious than my husbands will to live." The love you and Bo have radiates off the pages of this blog and inspires me to make sure I tell my family how I feel about them, everyday! What a wonderful and loving support group he has surrounding him :) SLeep well.

Theresa and Kevin

Anonymous said...

Bo and Christi,
Your strength continues to amaze us! Just keep fighting! We love you!

The Faunces

Anonymous said...

Remember, Bo, has you and he has Addi. Those are the reasons he has so much will to live.
We are so happy he is having a good day. We will pray extra hard tonight that all goes well with his first breathing trial.
Bo truly is a miracle. Everyday, he is proving that fact.
There are so many people praying for him to continue to live the life he wants.
Remind him, the little steps will add up to his journey home.
Aunt Mary and Uncle Jeff

Anonymous said...

Bo, you are such a fighter.
Christi, with your help, he can do this! He WILL make it through this.

Anonymous said...

such good news! Bo your fighting spirit motivates and inspires. We love you Buddy!

Mendy said...

That's great news. It sounds like he is improving greatly. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine how hard this is for Bo. But I know he is a fighter and I know he'll never give up, so no matter what, he will persevere! Keep trying and fighting to get stronger Bo! We are all behind you.

Anonymous said...

Whew - that one just made me vaklempt Christi!

Course they are all pulling for him . .. he is a true Christmas Miracle as I like to say ;) Good luck today!!!! Still prayin for everyone from Greensboro!

Amy W

Anonymous said...

Keep workin hard dude, this was meant to be. Eyes on the prize.

Anonymous said...

Saw you today and am so proud! I know the frustration is there, but you have come so far and you're doing so great. You are beating this monster!
Sue 9300

Anonymous said...

He already has moved mountains. He has been a motivation to us all. Patients is a vertue which many of us strugle with. Your teamwork is incredible.

Anonymous said...

Those baby steps are really starting to add up! Must be such a relief to see more and more progress every day. Truly a miracle! And how much fun to start your mornings with Addi!
Keep up the hard work Bo!