Monday, June 09, 2008

Hello everyone...the Internet is still down at Duke. Bo had a tough day in the sense that they are making him work to get stronger. Physical Therapy came by and started in on Bo to get stronger. He is a big fan of this, but we know this is our only way out. On top of this they are still working on the vent machine. They are taking small steps with this one and hopefully they will work. The concern they have with the vent is Bo becoming dependent. There is a fine line they walk of pushing him as hard as they can and pushing him past the limit. I hear different stories on what to expect from this some say when he is physically stronger he will be able to get off the vent and others just say it takes time. I hope either way they are right.
I came home tonight to see Addi and I am happy to say she was just like "Hello Mommy" and went about playing. She is moving to Durham with me and my Mom tomorrow, so wish me luck getting her adjusted.
Take care
Christi and Addi


Anonymous said...

Christi- we have been out of town for the past few days. No computer! We did depend on Lee for updates via text. I thought about Bo an awful lot on this trip- It really made me appreciate the little things- that I usually take for granted.I know that u have missed Addi soo much and glad to here u will have her with you!!

Please take care and knoW that we are still praying for all of u! (by the way- my 10 year old is leaning over me telling what I am misspelling!!!)

Keep fighting Bo!!! Tippi Mace

Mindy said...

Hey Christi,

Even though you will be in Durham with Addi, please let me know if there is anything I can do for you. If you need help with Charlie, Bonnie or Little Buddy let me know please. I am happy you will have Addi and your mom with you now. XO

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Bo! Keep working hard on getting stronger! We are all here cheering for you! Good luck with the move to Durham...let me know if I can help! So glad that you got to see Addi today! I know you were thrilled!


Anonymous said...


Great news getting your Addi girl with you in Durham. Tell Bo that our mantra all along for this is slow and steady wins the race. So baby steps on the PT and the vent and he'll get there. I'll keep praying for baby steps every day.

Yoga Mondays mean OM BO!
just one breath more!

Jenn in CA

Anonymous said...

Hey Bo and Christi,
So happy you have your little girl!Addi will definitely bring some encouragement! You guys hang in there and know we are all out here praying and wishing and thinking and hoping for everything to be better for you each day! God Bless you and love you, Leigh Ann

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the wonder of a child. May the Lord continue to use these dedicated men and women to heal you. May He protect all three of you. You are in all our prayers.

Ed and Lib Connell

Kay Fender (Pamela Nagy's Mom) said...

Bo and Christi,
I have followed Bo's blog and been praying for you both since the beginning. I also sent a prayer request to my friends and relatives in Oklahoma and Ohio, so there are a lot of prayers being delivered to God on your behalf. Bo, please continue to get better and stronger. God be with you.

Anonymous said...

Prayers continue and my heart is pounding to imagine the joy of you sharing time together. How great to get Addi and your Mom. Don't you just love kids? We worry and worry about them and then we get a "Hi Mommy." My dear Christi that is the response of a well adjusted girl who is so loved. Be proud!
Love to all of you,

Anonymous said...

I am excited that Addi and your mom are going back to with you. I know it will help to have her there with you. Keep encouraging Bo. He has a lot of baby steps to take in the next weeks and we need to all keep encouraging him. You and Addi will be great cheerleaders for him. Remind him it takes the first step to make a trip of a thousand miles. He is well on his way.
We will continue to keep you, Bo, and Addi in our prayers.
Tell your mom we said hello.

Aunt Mary and Uncle Jeff

Anonymous said...

Dear Bo,
Heather just let me know about what you're going through. So sorry for your pain and struggle. praying for you lots..the power of the resurrection to heal you!We are in greensboro. Love to see you when its ok to visit. Jeff and I are expecting our fourth! Love, Holly Shuler Ollis

Kathryn said...

Stay strong, Bo - you can do it! You already are doing it!!

sharie and chris said...

We have been so thrilled to see the progress, in "baby steps", but to us it seems GRAND from where y'all were just a little bit ago!!! We pray for continued strength, fight and hope for BO and YOU, and your families! We hope that Addi does well in her new environment, with all the love that she has around her, we are sure that she will; I am sure that you will appreicate her being close by as well!!!! Good luck and many prayers! We will hope for continued good news!

Anonymous said...

I am really pleased that you are taking Addi with you. I can not even imagin being away from mine that long. You are doing an incredible job with Bo. It is wonderful how you and Bo are enduring this.


Anonymous said...

Blessed be the Lord... There has not failed one word of all His good promise.

1 Kings 8:56

Anonymous said...

Never doubt the resilience of a child. They are amazing. I'm sure it will be wonderful for everyone to have Addi close. Our prayers continue for both you and Bo.
Patti Barrett/Duke Energy/Dave's mom

Anonymous said...

I have been traveling for two days, so I have missed posting. So very pleased to hear about Addi and your mom. Kids are so much stronger than we think! I'm sure what Bo is facing now will be a tough battle, but he has trained, and he is ready. With God on his side and with all of his prayer warriors, he will conquer!
God Bless,
Donnelle Graham

Anonymous said...

Bo and Christy,

We wanted to contact you guys to see if we could help in any way with Addi and in general. Robert Wardell asked if we could contact you guys. I was a Sigma Nu at App as well. We live in Chapel Hill and have 3 liitle boys and would love to help you guys out. Give me a shout at or 919-616-6734
We'll start by keeping Bo and your family in our prayers and hope to hear from you.
John and Cindy Marshall

Anonymous said...

Team Bo,
Glad to hear that everyone will be up there to keep his mental on point. Bo, you are going to knock it out of the park...keep your eyes on the prize.
Jay, Mel, and now Dylan.