Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Today I was able to do a good turn for someone else that is in my shoes so to speak. I talked to Dr. Blackwell and helped Mike get into Duke fast. This was exactly want Adam did for me. I am excited.

I had some great cereal this morning with rice milk. It has been a real challenge to find a good cereal to have in a crunch so to speak. Candace found some things that are really good. One is chocolate chip cookies. Another is rice cakes with cashew butter, and the last is this cereal. Very good.

Work was good. Had lunch with Christi and Addi and Candace. Had turkey burger plain, green beans, and brown rice.

After work Christi and I tried to hit golf balls. We hit about 15 apiece and then a storm came up so we went home.

Went to the store, and that is about it today. This weekend I am going to Boone to look at a piece of property, so Christi and I are going to leave Addi for the night. So sad! Bill and my mom are going to so it will be fun to hang out with them. I am really looking forward to it.

My buddy Eric Thomes asked me to go to Pebble Beach for a few days, but I had to say no. It is after a chemo treatment and he had only a few spots open. I am always afraid that I will be sick or something, and I did not want to take anything away from anyone else. For business I have given up: fishing in Alaska, fishing in Canada, Ryder Cup in Ireland, Pebble Beach, and maybe Hawaii!!!! I am mad at CANCER!!!!

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