Friday, July 14, 2006

Well, tonight is my night I guess... this is Christi

I thought is was probably about time that I said a few words, for those that know me you are probably surprised I kept my mouth shut this long. I just didn't want to intrude on Bo's personal thoughts, much less he has such a strong fan base, I didn't want to upset the masses. :)

I want to THANK everyone that has sent cards, posts on the blog, information, recipes, watched our daughter, listened to me or Bo, offered to shave their head for Bo, everything else and most importantly prayers. Bo and I never doubt that we surround ourselves with great people, but everyone has truly risen to the occasion. There isn't a moment that I don't feel someone's prayer carrying us through. Who would have known has easy it is to miss home in Kansas and feel at home in North Carolina. Also for those that know me and those that don't, I am a reformed tomboy (sort of), that these Southern Women truly know how to love and be the backbone for others. A Word to the Wise, don't mess with a Southern Woman.

About my husband, Bo. There is no greater motivator than the fear of losing someone that is your husband, father of your child, provider, mentor, (boss - aka co-worker), supporter and best friend. The one person that balances you out when no one else seems to understand you. If ever there is a moment when I want to falter I know that is not an option. I am not saying I don't falter, but I am always trying my best. I must follow the excellence and standard that Bo has set for himself. I like to think of myself as a bright woman, I did marry him, but never could I expect a man to rise to the occasion like Bo is with his leadership, positive spirit and kick-butt attitude. Enough with the sappy stuff, I love him, enough said.

My final words of course pertain to our daughter, the one that is truly carrying us through this. Addi is 9 months old as of yesterday and has been walking aka wobbling (5-6 steps) now. She has this way to smirk like no one else, it just lets me know we are in so much trouble later. And ladies watch out, she can flirt with the best of them...I have yet to see a man (even the most petrified of children) falter to her scrunched up nose and batting eyelashes. I once heard that children are your way of wearing your hearts on the outside of your body...that is your heart, hopes, dreams and future. She has been amazing through all of this.

I am not sure if you will hear from me again anytime soon, but again THANK you everyone for thinking of my immediate family, I like to think that everyone reading this is our extended family whether we have met or not. Please know that you all are welcome in our house at anytime, but not at the same time. (I do have a daughter and 3 dogs) I might even cook for you ,but a warning Bo really pumps me up on that one, it isn't that good.



PS In case Bo doesn't get on tonight and mention what he ate I do want to thank Jim Surane and Kimberly Thaxton for going out to dinner with us tonight. We had a great time and during this difficult time it is wonderful to make friendships stronger. I also wanted to Thank Dr. Thomas for checking in on Bo and just caring. For those that don't remember, Dr. Thomas is Bo's primary doctor that certainly doesn't have to take the time out to check on Bo, but it does show his character as a person. For anyone afraid of Doctors, there are still a few good ones out there and we have been blessed to meet them during this time.


Anonymous said...

Having had cancer, I realize that sometimes it is harder on our love ones. The patient deal with all the doctors and medicine, but the love ones sometimes can only sit on the outside and worry.
You are doing a great job supporting Bo though this. Always know that you and Addie are the reasons Bo is fighting this so strongly. It takes a team to hold each other up. You have that.
You both have a long road, but facing it together and sharing the fears and the joys will help you grow stronger.
By the way do you have a Vitamix? You might want to check it out. They have a website.
I am excited that I will meet Addie tomorrow. She looks so adorable.
I look forward to giving all three of you a big hug. I have been hugging you from a far with all my positive thoughts and prayers.
Have a safe trip tomorrow.
Aunt Mary

Anonymous said...


Ashley and I have been keeping up via the blog. I have yet to really get my head around what you guys are going through since we found out 3 weeks ago. Our prayers are with you and your families.

I have always admired Bo for being smart, sharp and an absolute leader of men; however, your strength, support and love for Bo (and Addi) are truely inspriring during a time few could bare.

If we can help out in any way we would be honored. Ashley wants to bring dinner for you guys one night. We saw the list of food items that are okay - but if you guys have a favorite or something you want to try, let me know.

We have not met Addi but I know she would fit right on a playdate with Emma(6 1/2), Payton (4 1/2) and Raleigh (2 1/2) if you guys need some help or just a little down time. Obviously we know how a little change of pace can make a difference even if just for a day.

Hanes and Ashley Walker

Anonymous said...

Hi Big Ring. This is Trent Flemming, aka Brent Henning, sending a shout out from Jacksonville, FL. I am impressed with your attitude and ethic, you are an inspiration to us all. I want you to know that Meghan, myself, and family will be praying for you, your family, and the doctors that care for you. You are blessed with a great family and a beautiful daughter, the picture of Addi you have posted on the blog is a cute one.

I have recently begun riding my bike in the mornings too. I will be thinking of you while I am on my morning rides. If you need a break from the hilly terrain in NC, you should come down to FL. There aren't any hills here, only tall bridges that go over the rivers.

Keep your chin up my friend. We'll be praying for you.

Brent, Meghan, Jack (son - 4 yrs), & Baby (arriving in July)
(904) 685-2623

Anonymous said...


Just to let you know and I know you have heard me say it before, you are an amazing person. I have so much admiration for you and always will. I miss seeing and talking with you. Know that you guys are Always in our prayers.

Pamela & family

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