Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another day down and things are going well. Bo is slowly feeling stronger and stronger. It is just hard to try and stay awake most of the day when he is used to being able to rest when needed. We spent most of the day at the clinics waiting to visit with the doctor. Unfortunately I was wrong about meeting with the doctor that performed the wrap procedure, that is next Thursday. So today we just met with the doctor, but good news. She is allowing Bo to stop his tube feedings, which will slowly decrease his need for insulin, hopefully. Bo is extremely excited about this because first he doesn't have to hear the pump all night long and this will allow him to leave the house anytime he wants (he used to have to been hooked up from 6pm-8am) So now we just have to nag him to drink tons of water and eat tons of good food with protein. Another step to feeling whole. So now we focus on keeping his trach clean, this will stay for probably another month...Only time will tell.
Love to All
Christi, Bo and Addi


Anonymous said...

Way to go you 3 on the stopping the tube and getting real food. I hope you are all having fun in your "summer home". Thank you for the updates, I'm so happy for you all that you can be together as a family at nights in something much closer to a real home.

Jenn in CA

Unknown said...

Drink your water young man - you are in my prayers

Bill in Albuquerque

Anonymous said...

Christi, Bo, and Addi,
I like these Blogs lately. They all have good and encouraging words. We are so happy Bo is doing so well. Tell Bo to remember that "water is the juice of life!" So drink water, lots of it! I bet he can't wait to have a steak; it has lots of protein!
We continue to send you loves, hugs, prayers, and lots of laughter.
Aunt Mary and Uncle Jeff

Anonymous said...

Thrilled to catch up on BO as I have not had a computer for a week. What great news. I just know he will work hard to do all that he can and God and you and Addi will take care of the rest. Love to three super terrific people. Love you all.

Robo Boogie said...


The Allens

Jerrold said...

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