Monday, September 15, 2008

Good Evening Everyone - I hope that you all had a good day today. Bo has made another day off the vent and is doing well. He is really pushing and trying to get himself out of the hospital, I just pray we can make it this time. I am afraid to talk about it, I just do not want to jinx ourselves in anyway. He is looking good and feeling better.
We did have an interesting day that was complex for me. We visited the 3rd floor ICU, the people that fought so hard to keep Bo going and held me up in the darkest of days. Bo has a hard time remembering most of his stay there, it will be forever left in my memory. The nurses promised me that Bo would walk out of there, I promised we would walk through when he could. So today we walked in. I was taken back by the memories flooding in, Room 3 will be a room that holds my hopes and dreams along with my worst fears. It is hard to put into words that emotions coming running back. It is truly a blessing how far those baby steps have taken us. Ironically the nurses, Pam, Nicole, Nicole, Elise and Angie were working today. These girls took care of Bo in his most critical of days. I could not surmise the words to thank them for what they did for Bo. How do you thank someone for saving the person you love most in this world. If any of the nurses from 3rd floor ICU and any Nurse ICU and out of ICU are reading this, Thank You. I know that isn't enough, but what else do you say. Thank you for helping Bo, Thank you for caring more than you should, Thank You for choosing the profession that you chose, Thank You for taking the additional time to hold the loved ones up when you are also taking care of patients. Not only did you help Bo, but you made it possible for me to enter the ICU everyday. I teased everyone today that they never knew how I was going to be when I walked in. They assured me it was alright and "normal", but I know hugs were not part of their job, everyday I got one. I do have to say that the nurses kept telling Bo how good he is looking and well he is doing. I had to remind them that I kept telling them Bo was handsome if they would just get some of those tubes out of the way. I tell you, you all think Addi is funny, but we all know where she gets it from. We did get a few tears from of the nurses and it was everything I could do to not. They appreciated seeing one of their "miracles" doing so well. Their job is hard and everyday I am reminded how differently things could be. God has a plan and Bo and I will do everything to make everyone proud of the life we will lead. We need to make them and you all proud of us. Those nurses sure like to act tough and do their job well, but they care, probably to much. Never doubt that they do not care.
Well that is enough of my soap box, it was just crazy to come full circle. Crazy...
Love to All
Christi, Addi and Bo


Anonymous said...

Christi, Bo, and Addi,
Your words said it all. I believe there are angels on this earth and it sure sounds like there are many of them at Duke in the ICU.
We love you all for helping our Bo and our Christi.

Aunt Mary and Uncle Jeff

Anonymous said...

Christi,thank you, for giving the tributes to the nurses.Everything you said was so true. And their thanks is seeing Bo and you today.That gives them the strenght for tomorrow. Everyone in Greeley and Garnett will be saying their prayers,with thoughts,positive energy,being sent your way the next 24 hours.I was among 10 Katzer's from your Mom's family tonight, that's a bunch of German prayers coming your way. Until tomorrow we are all there with you, both,And we know Addi has everything in control On Flying Jib Road. Love, UNcle Leon and Aunt Marilyn.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Christi for that amazing journey. I can only imagine the rush you must have felt.
I talked with your dad last night for quite awhile about Bo. He, as well as we, all feel so positive that Bo well very soon walk out of that hospital.
Bo is so strong and when he sets his mind to something it gets done.
And you are incredible, what can I say, keep up the good work, you have made an incredible journey also.
Prayers your way, Aunt Marlene from Kansas

Candace said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your day. Prayer are being answered and we cant wait to see you all at home. You are both so strong and we all have a lot to learn from you both.
Love you all,
Candace, Walker and Connor

Robo Boogie said...

I can also tell you I don't remember my time in the ICU at all and I am glad it is that way. However peony sure does and I know going back there is a weird experience. It is a great feeling going back and seeing the people that helped me out of the seeming spiral I was in. The good news is they need to see people like you (and me) or I think they would lose all hope with what they have to see on a day to day basis. So know that I think you help them, maybe not as much as they helped us but know it is great you are going back to see them a lot. Isn't it amazing how slow it seems to go when you are in the ICU but when you look back how long ago it seems? Maybe you are not there yet but you will be soon and that is such a good thing. It means life is moving on and getting back to "normal" whatever that means. You guys are doing such an amazing job and your continued optimism and progress is a great thing to watch if even from a distance. I can't wait to see you home and continuing the recovery from home. I hope that day is very soon. The Allen's.