Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry...what can I say other than sorry. The computer has been doing funny things and I have had my hands full with Bo and Addi this week. Not to worry everyone and those that normally go to school with Addi. I try to pay close attention to her and she said that this week all she wanted was to be with Mommy and Daddy, so she came up with us for that reason and that reason alone. I hope I always remember to listen to her when she talks and expresses her feelings. She is always fun to be around. Today at the store she with a ton of people around goes, "Mommy I smell something stinky" I asked well are you stinky and she proceeded to say no, "Mommy, I think you are." Lovely...
Things are good with Bo. Tomorrow we see the doctor instead of Thursday. No reason in particular, it was just easier to fit him in with his doctor tomorrow. I sure hope to post only great things. He has been working out great and feeling good, just tired. The doctors tried him last week off insulin and so far so good. So hopefully that is one less thing to worry about for a while. We will always have to check his levels because of some of the medicines he is on, but for now one small step closer to feeling "normal".
I will write after our all day doctor visit tomorrow.
Love to All
Christi, Addi and Bo


Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are always with you. I can't wait for you all to be back with us at FIG. Can't wait. Love Pam

Anonymous said...

Glad to know things are well! I guess I should listen to you when you say that no news is good news! Thanks for posting and I hope things go well with the doctors tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Christ, Bo, and Addi,
It is important for you to not only listen to the little one but to hear what she is saying.
We are glad things are going well for Bo and we will be hoping for great news from the doctor.
We love all three of you,
Aunt Mary and Uncle Jeff

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update and loved the story. ;o) We look forward to more good news.

Crystal in CT

Candace said...

Good luck at the doctor today. We will say an extra prayer that you all continue to get good news. I will look forward to an update!!
Love you all,

Anonymous said...

Good luck today at the Dr. I bet he has good news for yall considering all your hard work. I love the Addi stories. Keep um comming. You are in my thoughts and prayers today and every day.

Jenn in CA