Thursday, September 11, 2008

Good Evening Everyone - Today was a good day. They gave Bo another day pass - 2 hours leave from the hospital. They want Bo to start to feel comfortable outside of the hospital. I am not sure he is going to have that problem. Personally I think they are much needed, he has almost had it inside those walls. So we came back to the "summer house" and just tried to get acclimated around here. Thank you so much Grahams for the chair, we will just now have to get it moved up here when you all are ready for to take it. Bo desperately feels like it will be needed.
Bo is doing well breathing, he has been off the vent completely for a couple of days and is doing fairly well. We all know not to get to excited until he makes to to the week mark off the vent. This is when the world seems to not want us to leave the hospital. So in a week I hope to post things are still going well.
Take care and sleep well tonight
Christi, Addi, Bo
PS Today I am happy to say we had another friend leave the hotel and the hospital world, Don and Brenda. I hope they traveled safely and I cannot wait to read that he is doing well. Also please keep Marilyn, from Joe and Marilyn, in your prayers. She had another procedure done this week and will have rehab to work on for a while.
PSS My dear friend Bob is hopefully coming by tomorrow, I am so excited to get a "Bob Hug" I miss him dearly.


Anonymous said...

YEAH BO!!!!!!!!

BreathinSteven said...

Hey Bo...

You rock man... I read every post that Christi puts up -- you're in my thoughts and prayers on a daily basis...

I can't believe the mountains you've climbed and the strength you've gathered to get through all of this... You're an amazing man. I can't imagine the frustration you've conquered, and are still yet to conquer... I'm always proud of you.

I know Christi is proud of you -- I know that Addi may be a little young yet to understand how proud of you she is... You've got so much to live for...

I hope you spring that coop soon -- and I hope when you do you hit the ground running and never look back...

You hang in there, buckaroo -- and give Christi and Addi a hug for me too...



Steve Ferkau
Chicago, IL

Anonymous said...

Christi, Bo, and Addi,
Way to go, Bo! Keep up the hard work and the summer house will soon be the far, far away house.
We love you,
Aunt Mary and Uncle Jeff

Anonymous said...

Dear Bo and Christi,

You both are my heros. It won't be long now. Keep the good thoughts and you will be home soon.
We love you,
Shelly and Lou

Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL! 2days down, and three to go to hit your goal! Your story-I'm just so proud to know you. Maybe a pink lady at the hospital can assemble some RUBY slippers for you to click together and GET HOME!
Praying for you daily!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to hear that he's made it several days off the vent! That's fantastic! All of you are still in my prayers and thoughts...all the time.

Anonymous said...

We are so happy to hear about your progress!!
Two days off the vent, way to go! Keep it up. We miss you.

Theresa and Kevin