Friday, September 05, 2008

Good Evening - Seriously is it Friday...Is anyone else so confused? Anyway, Bo's x-ray last night came back alright. Nothing overly concerning, so now we work on coming off the vent at night. I think we are just going to have to pull the band aid quickly, this slow pull is starting to add more anxiety. I doubt anything will happen over the weekend, but I might be surprised.
So we will wait and also wait for Tropical Store Hanna to come through this area. The hospital is preparing for the power to go out and making sure everything is hooked up to the generators just in case. Depending on the time the storm comes through here, My parents are suppose to fly out about the exact time the storm is suppose to come through, so we might wait it out at the hospital. I am not sure our little apartment will be the greatest place, but hopefully this will be nothing.
Take care and be Safe
Christi, Addi and Bo

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Anonymous said...

Christi, Bo, and Addi,
I know you are all enjoying the visit with your parents.
We will keep you in our prayers as Hanna comes through. Maybe your parents can wait a day before leaving.
Tell Bo to stay strong. He is getting so much better. Home is closer and closer. Tell him to remember Dorthy in the Wizard of OZ. She always had the power to go home, she just had to believe! Bo, you can get off that vent. Just kick those red sparkley golf shoes, and say those magic words, "There is no place like home!"
We continue to send you love, hugs, prayers, and lots of laughter.

Aunt Mary and Uncle Jeff