Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Food Report

Morning - 4 poached eggs, Irish oats, shake
Lunch - chicken, potatoes, beans, water
Dinner - Rice pasta with tomatoes, artichoke, and alvacodo, water

Work was fun. I am excited about many upcoming events. The crew from Kansas is making their way out over the Labor Day weekend. It is really nice because that also is near Christi's birthday. Family is important. Have someone tell you that you are dying and you will know what I mean. It has really made me think about a lot of stuff. Material things really do not matter, security for you family does. So here is a lesson for tonight: Do what you need to do to protect your family in case something happens to you. Get a power of attorney, trust, life insurance, etc. It really is important. I am very about two things - 1. I have most everything in order. 2. I would have had time (remember, I am going to beat this thing...)

I am not trying to preach but I think everyone needs to hear this.

Since I did not ride this morning, and tonight I have worked on my "opportunity for learning" for my masters, I have to go bike in the dark. I sure wish I would have ridden this morning!


Anonymous said...

I think I read that you were interested in doing triathalons. If so, I know exactly the person to help you, my dad! He is doing his 59th this weekend and his 60th on his b-day (Aug 26 at the Y in Cornelius). He has helped 40-50 people get started, he makes them a starter bucket and all. He said that you need to go to www.set-upinc.com That is for the Palmeto series and many other, like five (I think). He said it never sells out. He said that the ones in NC are mostly sold out, but you should come to the one at the Y on Aug 26 if you just want to see how one goes. Have you ever done one before? My family is going, if you would like to join us you are MORE than welcome! He said that the ones in Charleston are the easiest and that he reccomends starting with one of those next year. It is called the Charleston spread triathalon series. GO to www.csts.com He thinks that the last one for the year is the one he is doing this weekend. He says that he is a completer not a competer and would be more than happy to help you. You can reach him at johnny@metrolinagreenhouses.com
I will see you tomorrow evening when I drop off your dinner. Hopefully it will be eatible. Sorry for the slopiness, in a rush, as always.
Kasey Tanner

Anonymous said...


Please be careful about riding your bicycle after dark. You don't want to get hit by a car, just as you're about to beat B.A.C.

A Fellow Rider