Monday, August 14, 2006

Food Report

Morning - scrambled eggs, fruit (hotel)
Lunch - Salmon and asparagus (thanks Carl!)
Dinner - salad and soup

Spent the morning with the big producer. They have an awesome system and are truly nice people. We had a good conversation and I think we will do some good business with them. His wife was really cool and Laura and Curtis were really nice as well. They also gave me an article about a man who had another kind of cancer. Basically, it was not good news. However, he had remembered that his daughter's dog had the same cancer and they had given him the Chinese herb to take. He took it as well and he is cancer free. I am not saying you should do this, all I am saying is that it can't hurt!

Afternoon was spent at LSW. I got to see Amber, Alma, rondo, and Sandy. Amber is a really great gal. Alma reads my blog all the time, and well Sandy and I have been around the block together many times in business. rondo is sweet when I call as well. All nice people. I have known this company for 10 years now, so it was seeing old friends. I met with Carl and Jay for awhile. I hope we can do more business with them, we will see. I also meet Bobbie. She was waiting for me there and was really nice. I buy some supplements from her.

Went to the airport and hung out until the flight. Was bummed I was not getting in until after Addi was in bed. I will get to see her tomorrow.

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