Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Food report:

Morning - cereal with fruit
Lunch - cereal with fruit (no time)
Dinner - salmon, veggies, baked potato, noodles, and chicken stuff (from Robin B.)

The meeting we had today went great. I think we had 94 at the meeting, and everyone enjoyed themselves. Several people joked about me being bald, it was pretty funny. I think it shocked some people to find out. I guess I always think everyone knows.

Sorry about the spelling yesterday. When I have chemo, I type and spell worse than I do normally, which is bad enough.

Tonight we went to dinner for my sister's birthday. She is 26 years old. I still remember when she was born. Caroline means a lot to me. She always has.

I dedicate this day to Caroline and Robin B. Robin because she brought me dinner, and Caroline just because she is important to me.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget to bring your bike to work on Thurs. We are hitting the Lake Norman State Park Trail afterwards. Off the chain! Tell the "C" that it better bring the A game, b/c we are going to beat it down like it slapped your momma ; )(Sorry Jo, thought it would make mi hermano de pelon laugh).